New Interview with "Metti" of Perzonal War!
2/8/2013 3:03:12 PM by Eric

The fact that metal is evolving is undeniable. As the decades pass and more technology is available bands find themselves "bettering" the sounds of their idols. Bay area thrash of the 80s has been designed, re-designed and retro fit more than any other facet of extreme music. From the 90s groove-based metal to the 00s version of melodic death, the basic foundation of thrash has consistently upgraded to be louder, faster and more distorted model than the previous version. Perzonal War are the embodiment of those changes. From their 90s Metallica influences to the 00s melodic thrash this German band have always improved themselves, proving to fans and critics both that the group aren't opposed to change. The band have released their seventh studio record in "Captive Breeding", the band's first album for Metalville label.

Maximum Metal's EC had the opportunity to chat with the band's Metti Zimmerman....

"I am just a bit worried what will happen when the big ones leave the scene. I think Maiden, Priest, Metallica or AC/DC won't be there forever and then the whole scene will have a serious problem because there will never be bands with this size and influence again. I guess the whole festival scene will change and the record industry as well. So we have to give everything to get superstars."

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