New Interview with Germany's Drone!
3/29/2013 3:20:04 PM by Eric

Over the years I have talked so much about the proverbial "passing of the torch". As we see our icons and heroes fade from the stagelights I often wonder who is going to fill those shoes. I think Germany's Drone have put in their reservation as a possible successor. The aptly titled "For Torch And Crown" is the newest release from the band and one that sees Drone leap miles in front of the competition for their chance at metal superstardom. From the bombastic thrash elements to easily accessible melodic hooks this new album is certainly going to make the best of lists. I had a moment to catch up with Drone's guitarist and vocalist Moritz "Mutz" Hempel to talk about the band's history, new label and this impressive new record.

Maximum Metal's EC - Mutz, the new Drone record, "For Torch And Crown", is an absolute masterpiece. Riffs, melody, production...it all came together so well for this new album. Are you pleased with the end result and do you feel this is the "crowning achievement" of the last nine years?

Moritz "Mutz" Hempel - We are very happy with the result! "For Torch And Crown" represents our way of becoming an established independent band in the genre. Of course we get compared with bands all the time, but I mean, who doesn't? I believe we manifested our own style on this record, with all its songs and different sounds. It is still the old DRONE but definitely more its own.

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