"Keep It True Festival" Road Report by Deceased/October 31 Member King Fowley!
4/26/2013 3:14:37 PM by Eric

King Fowley, vocalist for legendary US old school metal band October 31 and drummer for classic thrashers Deceased gave us his review of this year's Keep It True Festival in Germany. The event payed homage to power and old school heavy metal with twenty bands spread over two full days in Koenigshofen, Germany.

"I had an amazing time and met so many cool folks. The event ran so smooth and every person there actually seemed to care. This wasn't like American gigs where half the folks are there to pose. We had sing-alongs, tons of laughs and the attendance was sold out to the hilt. I am coming back with Deceased in 2014. This was one of the most honest places to see a metal festival that I've experienced to date."

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Scanner Opeth
Slipknot Vehemence
Vicious Mary Dokken
Regurgitate Kalibas
Gun Barrel Circle II Circle
Majesty Mortician
H.I.M. Godiva
Dragonforce Runemagick
King Diamond Crystal Eyes
Axenstar Mnemic
Thunderstone Attacker
Pharaoh Edguy
Lacuna Coil Probot
Deivos Iron Savior
Node Black Stone Cherry
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Ebony Ark
Freakhouse David Shankle Group
Jorn Dimmu Borgir
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Acrid
Final Dawn Dio
Medusa Avenue F
Napalm Death Rottweiller
Entombed Miles Beyond
Impaled Veni Domine
Soulscar Desire Black
Nevermore Diecast
Chaoswave Pure Inc
Axis Of Perdition Fire Alley
Operatika Swallow The Sun
Groundcrew Blind Stare
God Among Insects Slik Helvetika
Monolithe Leaves Eyes
Devil Lee Rot Love Forsaken
Holy Blood Agents Of The Sun
The Atomic Bitchwax Orphaned Land
Dragonia Before The Dawn
Monster Magnet Sun O)))
Twilight Algol3
Ewigkeit The Absence
Even X Gojira
Vile Avulsed
Celebratum Dragonlord
Nocturnal Rites Absolution
Grimfist Nobody's Fool
Powerglove Cannibal Corpse
Upwards of Endtime Scum
Clawfinger Degree Absolute
Manngard Imagika
Non-Human Level Sun Descends
Michael Orlando Fragments of Unbecoming
Vengeance Bloodbound
Space Odyssey Nachtmystium
War Within Amon Amarth
Skid Row Woodtemple
Belphegor Thy Majestie
Semargl Mastodon
Rotting Christ Eyes of Ligeia
Teeth of the Hydra Obtest
Lordi Panzerchrist
Kotipelto Phazm
Twisted Into Form Blood Tsunami
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Onslaught
Terry Sullivan Static-X
Manticore Zyklon
Almah White Wizzard
Passion Pantera
Since the Day Manes
Denial Fiend Blut Aus Nord
Kruger Keep of Kalessin
Ensiferum Pathosray
Mass Extinction Averse Sefira
Bilocate Father Befouled
Burzum SOS
Kreator Bullet For My Valentine
Medieval Steel Mar De Grises
Alestorm Nasty Idols
Eighteen Wheels Burning Earthen Grave