R.I.P. to Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER
5/3/2013 11:17:35 AM by Josh


R.I.P. to Jeff Hanneman.

He always had the better riffs/solos in Slayer, to me, although Slayer clearly are not Slayer without him and King. Early on, Hanneman helped teach me the ins and outs of thrash/speed metal guitar playing. What a shame! Slayer haven't interested me in about 5/6 albums now, but Hanneman will forever be one of my favorites. 49 is too young to die. No one has ever made me want to make evil/chaotic sounding noise with a whammy bar more than Jeff. The intro to "Hell Awaits" scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

Along with King, Jeff was about the only person that was able to play completely by their own rules, create their own sound, bring Heavy Metal to the next level and influence hundreds of other bands. How can you argue against the sole creator of "Tormentor", "Die By the Sword", "Fight til Death", "Postmortem", etc... Oh, and of course, everyone's speed/thrash metal anthem "Angel of Death".

Although his music will live on forever with me, I'll give one last "SSSSSSLLLLLAAAYYYYEEEERRR!!!!!" in tribute to Jeff Hanneman! --Josh Greer

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