Release Recollections: Iced Earth - "Burnt Offerings"
5/24/2013 2:51:16 PM by Eric

We had four metal guys in our group growing up. Normally one of us would take one for the team and deprive themselves of a good taco meal to special order a CD from companies like Century Media, Relapse or Noise. Typically the mom and pop we utilized, "The Record Exchange", took our five dollars and ordered some album or band that we knew nothing about. In the sixty to ninety days shipping wait we typically swore that upon its arrival this special disc would be the greatest thing since Drew Barrymore dropped her drawers for Playboy (we saw the pics at the Gettymart).

So with great anticipation and foolish spending we ran down to "The Record Exchange" and special ordered Tampa, Florida band Iced Earth "Burnt Offerings". At the time, based on album title alone, we had collectively agreed that Iced Earth were the greatest band ever and once we actually heard them then we could be reassured of our faith.

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