Back in the Saddle Again!
10/7/2013 1:33:58 PM by Frank

After a server crash and backup corruption, we were down for about a solid week. Some of you probably didn't even notice! Fortunately, all the site files--features, reviews, interviews, galleries--are back up and in their comfy places.

Unfortunately, ALL emails I had saved were lost--hundreds of promo requests from labels, bands, managers, etc.; saved correspondence with industry folk...all gone into the ether like a misfiring transporter. But, one week down in ten years is a pretty good track run, so all I can do is sing "That's life!" and build back up from here. Lesson to be had: Always keep a local copy of your website.

Look for new reviews, a write-up on Jason Becker, show reviews on Anathema, Esoteric, Katatonia and Cult of Luna, and an interview with Monster Magnet soon!

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