Back in the Saddle Again!
10/7/2013 1:33:58 PM by Frank

After a server crash and backup corruption, we were down for about a solid week. Some of you probably didn't even notice! Fortunately, all the site files--features, reviews, interviews, galleries--are back up and in their comfy places.

Unfortunately, ALL emails I had saved were lost--hundreds of promo requests from labels, bands, managers, etc.; saved correspondence with industry folk...all gone into the ether like a misfiring transporter. But, one week down in ten years is a pretty good track run, so all I can do is sing "That's life!" and build back up from here. Lesson to be had: Always keep a local copy of your website.

Look for new reviews, a write-up on Jason Becker, show reviews on Anathema, Esoteric, Katatonia and Cult of Luna, and an interview with Monster Magnet soon!

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LA Guns Racer X
Mudvayne Opeth
Vehemence Poisonblack
Tiamat Anthrax
Stratovarius Cradle of Filth
Goatwhore Mark Boals
Godflesh Lamb of God
Mortician Widowmaker
Led Zeppelin Johnny Lokke
Hammerwhore Supervillain
Paragon Lanfear
Evanesce Axenstar
Silent Scythe Attacker
Pink Cream 69 Krisiun
Deivos Hard Echo
Death Angel Bleeding Inc
Epica Graveland
House of Lords De Lirium's Order
Scorpions Meliah Rage
Aina Nashville Pussy
Scavenger Polterchrist
Marshall Law Slowlife
GWAR Incantation
Rush Tristania
Napalm Death Scenteria
Cradle To Grave Image
Lost Soul Corrosion Of Conformity
Belef Crionics
Seige of Hate Vicious Circle
Mystic Prophecy Stormwarrior
Chaoswave Alex Skolnick Trio
Bleed The Sky Soul SirkUS
Kinrick Operatika
Sinisthra Defleshed
Manntis Amorphis
Vicious Art Unchained
Circus Maximus Secrets She Kept
Sheavy Flotsam & Jetsam
Loits Overloaded
The Absence Damnation
Crystal Ball Vile
Sinocence Absu
Beecher Grimfist
Sepultura Cannibal Corpse
Daylight Dies Leviathan/Sapthuran
Stormcrow Abysmal Dawn
Ensoph Michael Orlando
Sahg Mouth of the Architect
Shadows Within Vicious Rumors
Battle Bratt Eyes of Ligeia
Lordi Escape The Fate
Starkweather Deicide
Blood Tsunami Onslaught
Katrina Johansson Rob Zombie
Since the Day Glorior Belli
The Wonderfools Faith And Fire
Heresi Alkemyst
Demonic Symphony Burzum
Alestorm Cursed
Luna Mortis UFOmammut
Battleroar Dark Castle