Back in the Saddle Again!
10/7/2013 1:33:58 PM by Frank

After a server crash and backup corruption, we were down for about a solid week. Some of you probably didn't even notice! Fortunately, all the site files--features, reviews, interviews, galleries--are back up and in their comfy places.

Unfortunately, ALL emails I had saved were lost--hundreds of promo requests from labels, bands, managers, etc.; saved correspondence with industry folk...all gone into the ether like a misfiring transporter. But, one week down in ten years is a pretty good track run, so all I can do is sing "That's life!" and build back up from here. Lesson to be had: Always keep a local copy of your website.

Look for new reviews, a write-up on Jason Becker, show reviews on Anathema, Esoteric, Katatonia and Cult of Luna, and an interview with Monster Magnet soon!

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Lost Horizon Racer X
Opeth Immolation
Dokken Anthrax
Cradle of Filth Goatwhore
Deranged Machine Head
Circle II Circle Firewind
Metallica Abigor
God Dethroned October 31
Ion Vein Supervillain
Catch 22 Inner Rage of Emotion
Dragonforce Bloodbath
Kilfast Steel Preacher
Assrockers Murdercycle
Pharaoh Krisiun
Fraise Wicked Sensation
Defiled Brides of Destruction
Tesla F5
Superchrist Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Freakhouse W.A.S.P.
Outworld Nova Lex
Black Zodiac Cyst
Hatework Insomnium
Vox Tempus Aina
Lullacry Medusa
Theocracy Age Of Silence
I.C.E. House of Shakira
Blind Guardian Avenue F
Rush Fifth Cross
Kinetic Paradise Lost
Ligeia The Apocalyptic Riders
Entombed Korpiklaani
Labyrinth Hibria
Tarot Heartcry
Hellfire Suidakra
Argument Soul Alex Skolnick Trio
Pure Inc Grand Magus
Burden Of Grief Green Carnation
Disbelief Embraze
Python Naglfar
Communic Kult ov Azazel
Evemaster Gaia
Power Quest Alice Cooper
Nightvision Impaled Nazarene
Blitzkrieg To The Bone
Eternal Reign Penetrator
Forever Slave Casus Belli
Running Wild Savage Circus
Avenged Sevenfold Thrones
Mistress Spellbound
Define Divine The Classic Struggle
Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
The Tenth Circle Detonation
Nocturnal Rites Hate
End of Level Boss Early Man
Across Tundras Lair Of The Minotaur
Firehouse The Ocean
Phoenix Mourning Vreid
Athanator Dream Or Nightmare
Hirax Hate Profile
Sun Descends Ensoph
Smohalla Ynis Vitrin
Agalloch Mouth of the Architect
Shadows Within Skyforger
Hurt Anata
Setherial Enochian Crescent
Oblomov Venom
E-lane Audrey Horne
The Showdown Winger
Gaza Warmachine
Lost Eden Threat Signal
Terry Sullivan Mindgrinder
Crescent Shield Dezperadoz
Almah Mendeed
Passion Hacride
Spit Like This Warner Drive
Wuthering Heights David Galas
Funeral Hearse
Randy Ellefson Sworn Enemy
Architect Spheric Universe Experience
Heresi Orthodox
Ride The Sky Ost Est Ima
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Puscifer Souls Of We
The Lamp of Thoth Kiuas
Faded Hope Ihsahn
Nasty Idols Mustasch