"Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet" --Documentary Review
10/11/2013 3:08:35 PM by Greg Watson

"Jason Becker. Does the name ring a bell, fellow shred-heads? I'm sure there are many who are familiar, some who have forgotten and others who have never heard of him. This recap of his career is more for the latter of the group, but those of you who know Becker will enjoy this as well. Recently I caught a documentary about Jason. The film, which bears the same name as this article title, was released in 2012 and chronicles Jason's life from his childhood through the present period of the documentary. I could give every detail from the documentary, but I feel that a brief review is more appropriate.

He was on top of the world and his dreams were about to come to fruition. The future indeed appeared bright for Jason Becker. But during the recording sessions for the new [David Lee] Roth album, Jason's life came to a screeching halt. Mysteriously, Becker began losing his ability to stay upright and balanced, falling over without warning while just trying to walk around. Perhaps most disturbing to Becker though was the loss of dexterity, speed and functionality in his hands. After a few more episodes and the realization that this condition would not simply go away, Becker decided that it was time to seek a medical opinion. Jason's hope was for a diagnosis that would provide answers and allow him to quickly return to the world of music and his life.

The diagnosis that was given to Jason however, left both he and his family bewildered, stunned and full of more questions than the ones they initially had--ALS. Those three letters changed Jason's life forever."

Full Review Link: Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

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