New Katatonia, Cult of Luna, Intronaut, Tesseract Road Report
11/21/2013 4:23:19 PM by Etiam

For one band it was an affirmation; for the other, a culmination. When Sweden's Cult of Luna and Katatonia set out on a co-headlining tour this fall it marked the former's first U.S. appearance since a 2005 support slot for Mastodon. Over those same eight years, Katatonia toured the States a whopping six times, frequently as headliners and otherwise as special guests. Both bands are icons in their respective genres, but before this tour I would never have thought to combine them on a bill, much less with support from the UK's Tesseract and California's Intronaut. Yet the tour seems to have been a success, drawing strong crowds across the nation and making good use of Chicago's capacious Bottom Lounge. And after seeing each act command the stage in turn, uniquely and completely, a unifying and deeply encouraging theme emerged: progress.

Link: [Full Road Report]

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