The Necrofile - Issue 41!
2/18/2014 2:41:00 PM by Frank

For Issue #41, Eric and Greg team up for a look at who's forgotten and who may be coming back…One of the pioneers of that early 90s movement was At The Gates. The band released their debut in 1992 with "The Red In The Sky Is Ours". These Swedes took the extreme death metal dynamics of the Floridian scene and combined it with the twin guitar melodies of the NWOBHM. This proved to be a winning formula that inspired other pioneers such as In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Sacrilege…

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· Deceased· Regurgitate
· Twelfth Gate· Warhorse
· Vaginal Carnage· Steel Attack
· Rawhead Rexx· Agoraphobic Nosebleed
· Crematorium· Metallica
· Conquest· Pyn Siren
· Agony Divine· Black Sabbath
· SelfInflicted· Inner Rage of Emotion
· Mourning Beloveth· Rage
· Malstrom· Windseeker
· Fraise· Defiled
· Dreamaker· Shiva
· Silver Mountain· Celesty
· Scala Mercalli· Jaw
· UFO· Leash Law
· W.A.S.P.· Edge Of Forever
· Highlord· Marillion
· Lonewolf· Fabrizio Bonanno
· Dream Evil· Rhapsody of Fire
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· Lullacry· Katagory V
· Z02· I.C.E.
· Slowlife· Jamie. St. James
· Tartharia· Dark Ruin
· Six Feet Under· The Project Hate
· The Last Act· Overlorde
· Tsjuder· Karmakanic
· Dark Tranquillity· The Apocalyptic Riders
· Belef· Crionics
· Kamelot· Loudblast
· Hibria· Sabaton
· Shatterpoint· Mechanical Poet
· Chuck Schuldiner· Wolverine
· the missing:· Darkthrone
· Stormwarrior· Severe Torture
· Alex Skolnick Trio· Axis Of Perdition
· Strapping Young Lad· System Of A Down
· Agents Of Man· Python
· Sothis· God Among Insects
· Testament· Slik Helvetika
· Frameless Scar· Thor
· Agents Of The Sun· A Lower Deep
· Nuclear Assault· V:28
· The Atomic Bitchwax· Black Majesty
· Monster Magnet· Dirty Americans
· ASG· Third Degree
· Shattersphere· Crystal Ball
· Doomfoxx· Wolfmother
· The Classic Struggle· Absolution
· Decapitated· End of Level Boss
· Early Man· Enforsaken
· Thryfing· Cannibal Corpse
· Boris· Moonspell
· Vore· Ampast
· Down Factor· The Sword
· Bludgeon· Non-Human Level
· Before Silence· Unsilent Phenomenon
· Nachtmystium· Psycroptic
· Scary Manilow· The Ruins of Beverast
· Pump· Battle Bratt
· Semargl· Eighteen Visions
· Deicide· Phazm
· Skullflower· Twisted Into Form
· Static-X· Grenouer
· Satariel· Mithras
· Gotthard· Hacride
· Katrina Johansson· Blut Aus Nord
· David Galas· Temple Of Blood
· Keldian· Frosthardr
· Pathology· Rosetta
· Blood Haven· Last Stone Cast
· Vulture Industries· Armory
· Embalming Theatre· Godhead
· Uriah Heep· Bible Of The Devil
· Alestorm· Deadsea
· UFOmammut· Wolfgate
· Eighteen Wheels Burning· Mustasch
· My Dying Bride· DC4
· Suffocation· Earthen Grave