The Necrofile - Issue 41!
2/18/2014 2:41:00 PM by Frank

For Issue #41, Eric and Greg team up for a look at who's forgotten and who may be coming back…One of the pioneers of that early 90s movement was At The Gates. The band released their debut in 1992 with "The Red In The Sky Is Ours". These Swedes took the extreme death metal dynamics of the Floridian scene and combined it with the twin guitar melodies of the NWOBHM. This proved to be a winning formula that inspired other pioneers such as In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Sacrilege…

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· In Flames· Racer X
· Loudness· Sinner
· The Haunted· Children Of Bodom
· Twilight Odyssey· Big Dumb Face
· Carpathian Forest· Immolation
· Tiamat· Disturbed
· Twelfth Gate· Gun Barrel
· Godsmack· Ravage
· Dark Moor· Crematorium
· God Dethroned· Pyn Siren
· Saint· Sevendust
· Mourning Beloveth· Crystal Eyes
· Stryper· Silent Scythe
· Hypocrisy· Deivos
· Bang The Union· Cans
· Kingcrow· Disarmonia Mundi
· Edge Of Forever· Low Earth Orbit
· Marillion· Iron Angel
· Zaius· Cyst
· Acrid· Scorpions
· Wintersun· Valume Nob
· Internal Bleeding· Dark Ruin
· Overlorde· Karmakanic
· Fifth Cross· Milkweed
· Helgrind· The Apocalyptic Riders
· Kings X· Lost Soul
· Seige of Hate· Mechanical Poet
· Desire Black· Diecast
· Axis Of Perdition· Drunkard
· Thunderblast· System Of A Down
· Throes of Dawn· Python
· Testament· Unchained
· Secrets She Kept· Ritual Killer
· Mercyful Fate· The Atomic Bitchwax
· Orphaned Land· Before The Dawn
· Russell Allen· Overloaded
· Forever Slave· Casus Belli
· Running Wild· Balatonizer
· Dechrist· Chain Collector
· Machina· Insense
· From This Day· Grimfist
· Pile of Heads· Southern Black Sand
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Nikki Puppet
· Boris· Clawfinger
· The Smackdown· Nicodemus
· The Strongest Proof· Royal Hunt
· Fragments of Unbecoming· Jotunspor
· Vengeance· Enochian Crescent
· Semargl· Mastodon
· Twinball· Venom
· Lordi· Kotipelto
· Lecherous Nocturne· Centinex
· Gaza· Fu Manchu
· Throne of Katarsis· Mindgrinder
· Hacride· Rob Zombie
· Warner Drive· Transmission 0
· Faith And Fire· Hellveto
· Echoes of Eternity· Destynation
· 40 Below Summer· The Obsessed
· Pop Evil· Sin
· Luna Mortis· Wolfgate
· Nasty Idols· Mustasch