Maximum Metal Welcomes Skullbone!
2/21/2014 6:46:19 AM by Eric

We have a new staff writer on board starting this week. Skullbone has been kind enough to contribute some reviews and photos to our site. This Finnish resident does some great camera work and he hopes to share some photos with us this summer. Skullbone plans on attending a few metal shows and festivals this season and will contribute "Road Reports" to us.

Skullbone also runs a couple of sites as well. You can see his photography portfolio at Fowler Photography (http://tfowler.wix.com/fowler-photography).

His metal site is Skullbanger (www.skullbanger.net) where he covers albums, concerts, movies and games.

Welcome aboard Skullbone!

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· Bloodbath· Kilfast
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· Stalker· Attacker
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· Angtoria· John Sykes
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· Severe Torture· Chaoswave
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· Chastain· Kryoburn
· Thunderblast· System Of A Down
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· Maximum Overdrive· Ektomorf
· Nuse· Alice Cooper
· Widow· Lake Of Tears
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· Barcode· Algol3
· Shattersphere· The Absence
· Spellbound· Chain Collector
· Sinocence· Virgin Steele
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· Fallen Wisdom· Totalisti
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· Nikki Puppet· Upwards of Endtime
· Nightmare· Daylight Dies
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