Maximum Metal Welcomes Skullbone!
2/21/2014 6:46:19 AM by Eric

We have a new staff writer on board starting this week. Skullbone has been kind enough to contribute some reviews and photos to our site. This Finnish resident does some great camera work and he hopes to share some photos with us this summer. Skullbone plans on attending a few metal shows and festivals this season and will contribute "Road Reports" to us.

Skullbone also runs a couple of sites as well. You can see his photography portfolio at Fowler Photography (http://tfowler.wix.com/fowler-photography).

His metal site is Skullbanger (www.skullbanger.net) where he covers albums, concerts, movies and games.

Welcome aboard Skullbone!

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The Kovenant Opeth
Slipknot The Haunted
Vehemence Misery Index
Exmortem Disturbed
Perzonal War Deceased
Celestial Ode Helloween
Lamb of God Ravage
Masterplan Firewind
Vyndykator Johnny Lokke
Circle of Nero Nicta
Catch 22 Runemagick
Evanesce Guardians Of Time
Fraise Brides of Destruction
Doro Fairyland
Hard Echo Neverland
Node Yngwie Malmsteen
Drowning Pool Evanescence
Bang The Union Messiah's Kiss
Deep Purple Disarmonia Mundi
Edge Of Forever Gamma Ray
Jorn Marillion
Lonewolf Ministry
Estuary Destructor
Krokus Therion
Black Destiny Rhapsody of Fire
Imp Eternal Flight
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Angra Avenue F
Cryme Creed
John Oliva's Pain Fifth Cross
Of Infinity Motley Crue
Cradle To Grave The New Breed
Lost Soul Korpiklaani
Necrophagia Vicious Circle
Tarot Heartcry
Mechanical Poet Soulscar
the missing: Diecast
Oathean Novembers Doom
Axis Of Perdition Debris Inc.
Holy Moses Thunderblast
Ramesses Pro-Pain
Def Leppard Nightrage
Biss Mirador
Python Amorphis
Brand New Sin Testament
Unshine Kult ov Azazel
Secrets She Kept Ritual Killer
Alice Cooper Thor
Love Forsaken Impaled Nazarene
Flotsam & Jetsam Warchild
Peccatum Before The Dawn
Evergrey Violent Storm
Bolt Thrower Sun O)))
Twilight Ram-Zet
Infliction Urizen
Torture Killer Absolution
Absu Machina
Taunusheim End My Sorrow
Ephel Duath Thyrane
Daylight Dies Hell-Born
Cryptopsy Event Horizon
Pyramaze Elvenking
Cataract Candlemass
Hirax Nicodemus
Dreams of Damnation Non-Human Level
Black Crucifixion Royal Hunt
Michael Orlando Before Silence
Gorgoroth Unsilent Phenomenon
Destruction Warface
Hurt The Ruins of Beverast
Death Breath Semargl
Rotting Christ Biolich
Lordi Panzerchrist
Winger Demise
Celtic Frost Twisted Into Form
Fu Manchu Lost Eden
Zyklon Incrave
Passion Chrome Division
Gotthard Pentacle
Since the Day Glorior Belli
Nation Beyond Faith And Fire
Cauldron Father Befouled
The Obsessed Kreator
Equilibrium Wolfgate
Sister Sin