The Necrofile #42!
3/7/2014 3:04:31 PM by Eric

For Issue #42, EC, Greg, and Frank spread the word on what they've been spinning lately…

- February's Playlist
- 2014 Anticipations
- Decibel's Top 100 Black Metal Albums

The year continues to burn bright with so many new bands popping up. The month's anchor for me thus far is the new Ektomorf called "Retribution". It is out now on AFM and continues to the band's punishing legacy of scraping guitar grooves and harsh vocals. I picked up a new German band called Any Given Day and their self financed album "My Longest Way Home". This could be the heaviest album I have heard and compares to Parkway Drive or August Burns Red. I'm also spending some time digesting the new Behemoth called "The Satanist". This is the band's first album in five years and it is a triumphant return. I'm not completely sold on this genre but this is a good representation of what I do like about it. ….

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