The Necrofile - Issue 43!
3/28/2014 3:03:47 PM by Frank

Dave Brockie, also known as, Oderus Urungus--lead vocalist for GWAR, just passed away at age 50. On March 23, 2014, he was was found dead by a band mate in his Richmond, Virginia apartment. Richmond police stated that while they do not suspect foul play, drugs or suicide, they will await a medical examiner's report before confirming the cause of death. I look back on my concert experience with the band and meeting Dave. We also came up with the idea of offering a round table discussion for Maximum Metal staff. The format is rather simple with certain writers collectively discussing their thoughts on a random, new album. This issue looks at "Plagues Of Babylon", released this year by US metal greats Iced Earth…[Full Column]

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· Chaingunn· Twilight Odyssey
· Carpathian Forest· Poisonblack
· Tiamat· Twisted Tower Dire
· Machine Head· Usurper
· Liege Lord· Firewind
· Valley's Eve· Conquest
· H.I.M.· Byfist
· Bloodbath· Steel Preacher
· Beautiful Creatures· Duke
· F5· Killik
· downBleed· Deep Purple
· Kingcrow· David Shankle Group
· Gamma Ray· Jorn
· Zaius· Krokus
· Insomnium· Ungodly
· Imp· Shadows Fall
· Wintersun· Tearabyte
· Katagory V· Division
· Eternal Flight· Polterchrist
· Neurosis· Mine
· Six Feet Under· Hanzel Und Gretyl
· Behemoth· Triumph
· Of Infinity· The New Breed
· Divine Fire· Soilwork
· Astral Doors· Mechanical Poet
· Ravensthorn· Mystic Prophecy
· Backyard Babies· Diecast
· Drunkard· Chastain
· Thunderblast· Grand Magus
· Burden Of Grief· Groundcrew
· Blind Stare· Amorphis
· Darkane· Prowler Inc.
· Dam· Nightvision
· The Atomic Bitchwax· Eternal Reign
· Before The Dawn· Winterfell
· Paths Of Possession· Phantom X
· Akercocke· Doomfoxx
· Overmars· Infliction
· Chain Collector· Dogs Of Winter
· From This Day· Brother Hawk
· Southern Black Sand· Nikki Puppet
· Dissection· Tris Katone
· Cryptopsy· Dreams of Damnation
· Stormcrow· Ensoph
· Gorgoroth· Hydrogyn
· Shadows Within· Skyforger
· Zero Hour· Myon
· Amputated· Mastodon
· Lesbian Bed Death· Lordi
· Cheva· Kotipelto
· Quest of Aidance· Twisted Into Form
· With Passion· Necrophobic
· Incrave· Divine Empire
· Hacride· Pentacle
· Glorior Belli· Blut Aus Nord
· Ulcerate· Throneum
· Nation Beyond· Echoes of Eternity
· Deceiver· Burzum
· Manilla Road· Puscifer
· Souls Of We· Bible Of The Devil
· Kiuas· Son of Eric
· Place Of Skulls· Cursed