New Interview with Jocke Lundgren of Firegod Mountain!
4/4/2014 2:57:49 PM by Eric

"Hellfueled – Volume One". Winter 2004. One listen and I concluded that deceit and treachery were knocking at the door. Ozzy singing for Pantera? How did I miss this collaboration? Little did I know that this colossal record was from a little known Swedish band. Furthermore, three more phenomenal offerings would follow suit: "Born II Rock – Volume Two" (2005), "Memories In Black" (2007) and "Emission Of Sins" (2009). The last album was five years ago?

Five long years. What happened to the sensational Swedes? Well according to the band's former guitarist Jocke Lundgren: "People change, including me. That's just life".

Read about his departure from Hellfueled and why Firegod Mountain is giving away their music…[Interview Link]

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