New Necrofile 44--KISS Meets The Hall Of Fame, Joey Jordison, March's Playlist
4/11/2014 1:57:25 PM by Eric

For those of you that don't keep up with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame happenings KISS is due to be inducted this year. Now while many people feel that this is long overdue, there is one little hiccup. KISS won't be playing together as the original lineup. Gene and Paul have made it clear that they will not be playing with any incarnation of KISS at all unless it's every member, past and present of KISS. Ace and Peter have taken a little exception to this. So because of that there will be no performance by KISS at the Hall induction. Esteemed metal guy Eddie Trunk calls the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame the Hall Of Shame for a reason…[Full Column]

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· Cave In· In Flames
· Scanner· White Skull
· Carpathian Forest· Neck
· Twelfth Gate· Cradle of Filth
· Twisted Tower Dire· Kataklysm
· Norma Jean· Skullview
· Rawhead Rexx· Crematorium
· Abigor· Tungsten
· Endless Time· Catch 22
· Rage· Evanesce
· Stryper· Silent Scythe
· Whitesnake· Iron Savior
· Doro· Royal Anguish
· F5· Fear Factory
· Node· Shiva
· Silver Mountain· Exodus
· Bang The Union· Deep Purple
· Icon And The Black Roses· Skyfire
· Marillion· Lonewolf
· Bonfire· Meliah Rage
· Lilitu· Black Destiny
· Metal Church· Saxon
· Tearabyte· Medusa
· Valume Nob· Neurosis
· Mine· Six Feet Under
· The Project Hate· Blind Guardian
· Made of Iron· Anger
· Seventh One· Jackyl
· Hanzel Und Gretyl· Avenue F
· Rush· Creed
· John Oliva's Pain· Miles Beyond
· Requiem Aeternam· Astral Doors
· Shatterpoint· Suidakra
· Backyard Babies· Argument Soul
· Oathean· Bleed The Sky
· Axis Of Perdition· Lord Gore
· Operatika· Babylon
· Shade Empire· Ivory Knight
· Disbelief· Agents Of Man
· Naglfar· Slough Feg
· Taake· Dynamic Lights
· Leaves Eyes· Power Quest
· Nightvision· Resurrecturis
· Scar Symmetry· To The Bone
· Winterfell· Ignarus
· Shattersphere· Running Wild
· Savage Circus· Dechrist
· Urizen· Mental Care Foundation
· Second Shadow· Witchery
· Sepultura· Katatonia
· Blackmore's Night· Poison
· 286· Nikki Puppet
· Tris Katone· Clawfinger
· Hate Profile· The Strongest Proof
· TK-421· Non-Human Level
· Royal Hunt· Spawn of Possession
· Theater of Tragedy· Before Silence
· Hydrogyn· War Within
· Psycroptic· Scary Manilow
· Time Requiem· Hurt
· Setherial· Teeth of the Hydra
· Lesbian Bed Death· Lordi
· Darkness Eternal· Better Left Unsaid
· Kotipelto· Centinex
· Skullflower· Hardcore Superstar
· Omnium Gatherum· Terry Sullivan
· Throne of Katarsis· Dream Theater
· Warbringer· Manticore
· Mindgrinder· Old Man's Child
· Cruachan· White Willow
· Almah· Mendeed
· Passion· Pantera
· The Prophecy· Gotthard
· Antigama· Glorior Belli
· Fight· Depressed Mode
· Keldian· Heresi
· Distorted· Dantesco
· Averse Sefira· Orthodox
· Aetherius Obscuritas· Blood Haven
· Kiuas· Sin
· Wolfgate· Battleroar
· Sotajumala· Sister Sin