New Necrofile 44--KISS Meets The Hall Of Fame, Joey Jordison, March's Playlist
4/11/2014 1:57:25 PM by Eric

For those of you that don't keep up with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame happenings KISS is due to be inducted this year. Now while many people feel that this is long overdue, there is one little hiccup. KISS won't be playing together as the original lineup. Gene and Paul have made it clear that they will not be playing with any incarnation of KISS at all unless it's every member, past and present of KISS. Ace and Peter have taken a little exception to this. So because of that there will be no performance by KISS at the Hall induction. Esteemed metal guy Eddie Trunk calls the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame the Hall Of Shame for a reason…[Full Column]

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· Bathory· Cathedral
· Cave In· Hate Eternal
· Leng Tch'e· Sinner
· Vehemence· Narziß
· Anthrax· December
· Usurper· Steel Attack
· Iron Maiden· Ravage
· Crematorium· Firewind
· Wizard· Power of Omens
· Ion Vein· Exawatt
· Fireball Ministry· Wycked Synn
· Malstrom· Attacker
· DevilDriver· Fraise
· Secret Sphere· Neverland
· Volbeat· TNA
· Node· Shiva
· Superchrist· Scala Mercalli
· Bleeding Inc· Kingcrow
· Outworld· Edge Of Forever
· Van Helsing’s Curse· U.D.O.
· Gary Moore· Lonewolf
· Iron Angel· Ministry
· Feinstein· Devil In The Kitchen
· Ungodly· Joey Belladonna
· Metal Church· Shadows Fall
· Tearabyte· Unearth
· Theocracy· Age Of Silence
· Marshall Law· Haunted By Angels
· Overlorde· Creed
· John Oliva's Pain· Fifth Cross
· Legion· Paradise Lost
· Crowbar· Veni Domine
· Vicious Circle· Tarot
· Soulscar· Samael
· Stormwarrior· Severe Torture
· Alex Skolnick Trio· Bruce Dickinson
· Meshuggah· Axis Of Perdition
· Gizmachi· Grand Magus
· Ivory Knight· Embraze
· Astarte· Manntis
· Slough Feg· Subterranean Masquerade
· Testament· Dark Funeral
· Taake· Nuse
· Killing Spree· Alice Cooper
· Nightvision· Nuclear Assault
· Redemption· Overloaded
· Bolt Thrower· Ignarus
· Ewigkeit· Vinterriket
· Paths Of Possession· Even X
· Gojira· Midnight Idols
· The Classic Struggle· God Forbid
· Torture Killer· Khold
· Motorhead· Nocturnal Rites
· Absu· Decapitated
· Early Man· Grimfist
· Craft· Thryfing
· Tandjent· Cardinale
· Nikki Puppet· The Berzerker
· Valhalla· Manngard
· Warrant (Amer)· Cataract
· Nicodemus· Dreams of Damnation
· Scary Manilow· From the Grave
· Mouth of the Architect· Vicious Rumors
· Skyforger· Wednesday 13
· Enochian Crescent· Oblomov
· Zoroaster· Lupara
· Venom· Obtest
· Sathanas· Audrey Horne
· The Showdown· Darkness Eternal
· Quest of Aidance· Steve Cone
· Gaza· Handful of Hate
· Dream Theater· Mindgrinder
· Antigama· JR Ewing
· Fight· Hellveto
· Frosthardr· Spheric Universe Experience
· Mortiis· Ost Est Ima
· Witchfinder General· Equilibrium
· Virgin Black· Alestorm
· Cursed· Nasty Idols
· Mustasch