Road Report--Welcome to Rockville Fest!
5/2/2014 4:02:35 PM by Eric

Like the previous three years Welcome to Rockville descended on Jacksonville's Metropolitan Park in epic fashion. The showcase sold out for the third consecutive year, allowing over 25,000 fans to enjoy headline quality acts such as "Alter Bridge", "Rob Zombie", "Avenged Sevenfold" and "The Cult". Over 2 full days the festival featured over 40 bands applying their craft for an audience that respected and appreciated the aggressive nature of heavier music and lifestyle…[Full Road Report]

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· Lost Horizon· Loudness
· Slipknot· Rebellion
· Machine Head· Kalibas
· Gun Barrel· Helloween
· Mark Boals· Godflesh
· Widowmaker· Masterplan
· Firewind· Carnal Forge
· Cage· Johnny Lokke
· Evolution· SelfInflicted
· Fireball Ministry· Dragonforce
· Bloodbath· Artension
· Runemagick· Mourning Beloveth
· Rage· King Diamond
· Beautiful Creatures· Thunderstone
· Hypocrisy· Murdercycle
· Lacuna Coil· Body Count
· F5· Node
· Death Angel· Black Stone Cherry
· Messiah's Kiss· Epica
· Amityville Whore· Donnerkopf
· Metalium· Ministry
· Destructor· Devil In The Kitchen
· Krokus· Therion
· Insomnium· Meliah Rage
· Skeletonwitch· Occult
· Unearth· Medusa
· Division· GWAR
· Dark Ruin· Blind Guardian
· Made of Iron· Anger
· Tsjuder· Creed
· John Oliva's Pain· Milkweed
· Kinetic· Crowbar
· Miles Beyond· Kings X
· Lost Soul· Korpiklaani
· Vicious Circle· Strikelight
· Soulscar· Angtoria
· Wolverine· Diecast
· Cemetary· Freedom Call
· Axis Of Perdition· Frantic Bleep
· Strapping Young Lad· Neil Turbin
· Raintime· Grand Magus
· Green Carnation· Disbelief
· Defleshed· Rudra
· Mirador· Communic
· Slough Feg· Testament
· Prowler Inc.· Ritual Killer
· Dam· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
· Killing Spree· Cannon
· Fates Warning· Devil Lee Rot
· Wetwork· Iron Maidens
· Mercyful Fate· Illuminatus
· Pagan's Mind· Violent Storm
· Penetrator· Savage Circus
· The Absence· Balatonizer
· Mistress· Cryogen
· Define Divine· Mastermind
· The Tenth Circle· Absu
· Vader· Enforsaken
· Brother Hawk· Totalisti
· Powerglove· Poison
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Nikki Puppet
· Hell-Born· Dissection
· Firehouse· Clawfinger
· Dawn of Azazel· Royal Hunt
· Spawn of Possession· Suzukiton
· Vengeance· Burialmound
· The Ruins of Beverast· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Anata· The Abominable Iron Sloth
· Enochian Crescent· Satyricon
· Twinball· Obtest
· Lordi· Escape The Fate
· Starkweather· Gaza
· With Passion· Omnium Gatherum
· In This Moment· Passion
· Five Finger Death Punch· The Prophecy
· Katrina Johansson· Nominon
· Retrospective· Trenchfoot
· Kruger· Fight
· Randy Ellefson· I Shalt Become
· Cockpit· Witchfinder General
· Last Stone Cast· Vulture Industries
· Hacksaw Surgery· Mustasch
· My Dying Bride· Uli Jon Roth