New Necrofile 45--April Likes/Dislikes, Metal Infighting, and Malcolm Young
5/23/2014 4:04:10 PM by Frank

Welcome to another installment of "The Necrofile". We are on the cusp of summer, beer cooler packed and PTO requested and approved baby! Here's what we've liked and disliked in April, a piece on metal infighting and some words on Malcolm Young…[Full Column Link]

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· Scanner· Vicious Mary
· Deceased· Machine Head
· Nazareth· Ring of Fire
· Steel Attack· Rawhead Rexx
· Dr. Butcher· SelfInflicted
· Biomechanical· Thunderbolt
· Kilfast· Rage
· Crystal Eyes· Stryper
· Halloween· Edguy
· Death Angel· I Hate Sally
· Silver Mountain· Babylon Mystery Orchestra
· Messiah's Kiss· Wolf
· Dimmu Borgir· Mob Rules
· Killswitch Engage· Metal Church
· Dark Age· Division
· Polterchrist· Chris Caffery
· GWAR· The Project Hate
· Ironhorse· Behemoth
· Avenue F· Rush
· Napalm Death· Sonata Arctica
· Kinetic· Crowbar
· Gods Of Fire· Rottweiller
· The Mighty Nimbus· Soilwork
· Quiet Riot· Hibria
· Yyrkoon· Strikelight
· Carbomb· Apocalyptica
· Cemetary· Marduk
· Novembers Doom· Bleed The Sky
· Strapping Young Lad· Ramesses
· Raintime· Raging Speedhorn
· Agents Of Man· Sentenced
· Circus Maximus· Dynamic Lights
· Prowler Inc.· Gemini 5
· Leaves Eyes· Cannon
· Resurrecturis· Wetwork
· Havochate· Morgana Lefay
· To The Bone· Before The Dawn
· Armored Saint· 1349
· Savage Circus· Ewigkeit
· Vinterriket· Phantom X
· Skullshifter· The Classic Struggle
· The Tenth Circle· Hate
· Early Man· Sodom
· Grimfist· Fallen Wisdom
· Sepultura· Katatonia
· Dissection· Clawfinger
· Leviathan/Sapthuran· Vore
· Phoenix Mourning· Athanator
· Dream Or Nightmare· Smohalla
· Swashbuckle· Skyforger
· Death Breath· Anata
· Wastefall· Amputated
· Darkness Eternal· Steve Cone
· Warmachine· Blood Tsunami
· Old Man's Child· Grenouer
· Mithras· The Prophecy
· Architect· Hellveto
· Hell N' Diesel· Mortiis
· The Lamp of Thoth· Medieval Steel
· Mar De Grises· Bible Of The Devil
· Deadsea· Place Of Skulls
· Uli Jon Roth· Earthen Grave