New Necrofile 45--April Likes/Dislikes, Metal Infighting, and Malcolm Young
5/23/2014 4:04:10 PM by Frank

Welcome to another installment of "The Necrofile". We are on the cusp of summer, beer cooler packed and PTO requested and approved baby! Here's what we've liked and disliked in April, a piece on metal infighting and some words on Malcolm Young…[Full Column Link]

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· Bathory· The Great Deceiver
· Twelfth Gate· Cradle of Filth
· Solace· Overkill
· Advent· Liege Lord
· Widowmaker· Vyndykator
· Exawatt· Supervillain
· Steel Preacher· Malstrom
· Beautiful Creatures· Savatage
· Murdercycle· Whitesnake
· Fraise· Project: Failing Flesh
· Dreamaker· Node
· Yngwie Malmsteen· Drowning Pool
· Killik· Construcdead
· Scala Mercalli· Riot
· Ebony Ark· Velvet Revolver
· Marillion· House of Lords
· Feinstein· Destructor
· Krokus· Unleashed
· Metal Church· Saxon
· Beaten Back To Pure· Potential Threat SF
· Tearabyte· Medusa
· Eternal Flight· Conquestador
· Hanzel Und Gretyl· John Oliva's Pain
· Crowbar· Scenteria
· Image· The Mighty Nimbus
· Blood Red Throne· Lost Soul
· Crionics· Loudblast
· Seige of Hate· Yyrkoon
· Heartcry· Soulscar
· Suidakra· Carina Alfie
· Ravensthorn· Chaoswave
· God Fear None· Bleed The Sky
· Callenish Circle· Impiety
· Shade Empire· Disbelief
· Rudra· Voyager
· Monolithe· Prowler Inc.
· Supagroup· Ritual Killer
· Dam· Love Forsaken
· Mercyful Fate· Black Majesty
· ASG· The Firstborn
· Paths Of Possession· Phantom X
· Wolfmother· Dismember
· Machina· End of Level Boss
· Taunusheim· End My Sorrow
· Blackmore's Night· Upwards of Endtime
· Firehouse· Cryptopsy
· Cavalar· Candlemass
· Non-Human Level· Unsilent Phenomenon
· Vengeance· Hydrogyn
· Sahg· Warface
· Pump· Belphegor
· Thy Majestie· Lupara
· Sathanas· Urkraft
· Omnium Gatherum· Dream Theater
· Lord Belial· The Chronicles of Israfel
· Five Finger Death Punch· Mithras
· Katrina Johansson· Denial Fiend
· Glorior Belli· Lipstick Magazine
· Ulcerate· Funeral
· Depressed Mode· Hell N' Diesel
· Heresi· Pathology
· Alkemyst· Puscifer
· The Lamp of Thoth· Uriah Heep
· Luna Mortis· My Dying Bride
· Giant Squid