New Tales from the Jugular Column--Decibel Magazine Spotlight
6/12/2014 1:41:03 PM by Eric

I recently went into a Barnes & Noble store and shelled out $11 dollars on the newest issue of Metal Hammer. I can't believe that physical prices are so expensive now, so I finally decided that it was due time for me to join the digital world when it comes to magazines--the last barrier for me and complete digital lunacy. After a couple of days of researching various zines like Metal Hammer, Decibel and Terrorizer I thought it was a good idea to start the digital purchases. I wanted to share the wealth with the readers here so I am going to offer a few Tales columns spotlighting a magazine…[Full Column Link]

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· Scanner· Slipknot
· The Haunted· Grave
· Mondo Generator· Neck
· Twisted Tower Dire· Skullview
· Celestial Ode· Majesty
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· Abigor· October 31
· Catch 22· Paragon
· Bloodbath· The Graveyard Boulevard
· Kilfast· Rage
· Axenstar· Eidolon
· Savatage· Mnemic
· Drillpoint· Probot
· Brides of Destruction· Asperity
· Volbeat· Gothic Knights
· Celesty· Construcdead
· Riot· Freakhouse
· Deep Purple· Bleeding Inc
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Spiral Madness
· Dimmu Borgir· House of Lords
· Juggernott· Devil In The Kitchen
· Fireaxe· Saxon
· Dio· Wintersun
· Occult· Aina
· Tearabyte· Scavenger
· Conquestador· Six Feet Under
· Tsjuder· Fifth Cross
· Milkweed· Paradise Lost
· Motley Crue· Image
· Belef· Astral Doors
· Vicious Circle· Heartcry
· Desire Black· Mystic Prophecy
· the missing:· Novembers Doom
· Soul SirkUS· Holy Moses
· Ignitor· Throes of Dawn
· Defleshed· Rudra
· Naglfar· Vicious Art
· Secrets She Kept· Widow
· Havochate· Iron Maidens
· Flotsam & Jetsam· The Scourger
· Eternal Reign· Armored Saint
· Violent Storm· Penetrator
· Ignarus· Algol3
· Savage Circus· Avenged Sevenfold
· Damnation· Balatonizer
· Dreamland· Doomfoxx
· Overmars· Avulsed
· Define Divine· Chain Collector
· Midnight Idols· Skullshifter
· Dragonlord· Sinocence
· Absu· Decapitated
· End of Level Boss· Early Man
· Brother Hawk· Pile of Heads
· Thryfing· Ephel Duath
· Scum· The Berzerker
· Dissection· Clawfinger
· Vore· Imagika
· Hirax· The Sword
· Ensoph· Upon Infliction
· Bloodbound· Azure
· War Within· Scary Manilow
· Skid Row· Agalloch
· The Finals· Teeth of the Hydra
· Eighteen Visions· Biolich
· Venom· Darkness Eternal
· Middian· Celtic Frost
· Lecherous Nocturne· Quest of Aidance
· Centinex· Twisted Into Form
· Warmachine· Lost Eden
· Static-X· Necrophobic
· Zyklon· Almah
· Trouble· Hacride
· Warner Drive· Blut Aus Nord
· Himsa· Pathosray
· Averse Sefira· I Shalt Become
· Deceiver· Last Stone Cast
· To-Mera· Embalming Theatre
· Hacksaw Surgery· Souls Of We
· Virgin Black· Mar De Grises
· Alestorm· Faded Hope
· Eighteen Wheels Burning· Uli Jon Roth
· Suspyre· Suffocation
· Dark Castle· Earthen Grave