New Tales from the Jugular Column--Decibel Magazine Spotlight
6/12/2014 1:41:03 PM by Eric

I recently went into a Barnes & Noble store and shelled out $11 dollars on the newest issue of Metal Hammer. I can't believe that physical prices are so expensive now, so I finally decided that it was due time for me to join the digital world when it comes to magazines--the last barrier for me and complete digital lunacy. After a couple of days of researching various zines like Metal Hammer, Decibel and Terrorizer I thought it was a good idea to start the digital purchases. I wanted to share the wealth with the readers here so I am going to offer a few Tales columns spotlighting a magazine…[Full Column Link]

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· Karaboudjan· Solemnity
· Grave Digger· December
· Deranged· Symphorce
· Seether· Lamb of God
· Powergod· Tungsten
· Endless Time· Nicta
· Black Sabbath· Catch 22
· Bloodbath· Artension
· Kilfast· Rage
· Sinergy· Beautiful Creatures
· Guardians Of Time· Fraise
· Secret Sphere· Three Inches of Blood
· Force Of Evil· Node
· Shiva· I Hate Sally
· Black Stone Cherry· Riot
· Graveland· Skyfire
· Disarmonia Mundi· Low Earth Orbit
· Devil In The Kitchen· Ungodly
· Vox Tempus· Dream Evil
· Wintersun· Theocracy
· Annihilator· Z02
· Valume Nob· Jamie. St. James
· GWAR· Throcult
· Dark Ruin· The Project Hate
· Arch Enemy· Haunted By Angels
· The New Breed· Kings X
· Soulscar· Nevermore
· Backyard Babies· the missing:
· Stormwarrior· Marduk
· Novembers Doom· Operatika
· Swallow The Sun· Fastkill
· Ivory Knight· Disbelief
· Sothis· Naglfar
· Darkane· Taake
· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra· Nightvision
· Resurrecturis· Agents Of The Sun
· To The Bone· Future is Tomorrow
· Peccatum· Eternal Reign
· Balatonizer· Thrones
· Akercocke· Overmars
· Skullshifter· From This Day
· Nobody's Fool· Across Tundras
· Katatonia· Cardinale
· Blackmore's Night· Poison
· Lair Of The Minotaur· Fields Of The Nephilim
· Warrant (Amer)· Elvenking
· Nicodemus· Bludgeon
· TK-421· Dawn of Azazel
· Michael Orlando· Space Odyssey
· Paul Bonrud· Vicious Rumors
· Battle Bratt· Myon
· Lecherous Nocturne· Gaza
· Warmachine· Lost Eden
· In This Moment· Satariel
· Passion· Chrome Division
· Five Finger Death Punch· Mithras
· Transmission 0· Retrospective
· Nation Beyond· Faith And Fire
· Destynation· I Shalt Become
· End of Man· UFOmammut
· Faded Hope· Dread the Forsaken
· Eighteen Wheels Burning