MM Discusses Exclusive Shows w/ Leather Leone, Veronica Freeman, and Nina Osegueda!
6/20/2014 2:07:07 PM by Eric

Beginning on June 26th in Springfield, VA, metal icon Leather Leone (Chastain, Sledge/Leather) will step into a different role by fronting Benedictum to perform Chastain songs. In addition, the three shows will also feature a full set from Benedictum with vocalist Veronica Freeman and support from A Sound of Thunder. "I thought it would be a fun way to make it all happen. A Benedictum set and also a chance for Leather to get out there and do her thing and also a cool package. When it came to pass that Nina Osegueda from A Sound of Thunder was on board to put it all together then the rest fell into place". Read the entire interview with Leather, Veronica, and Nina…[Full Interview Link]

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