Interview with Raine Hilai of Midnight Eternal
6/27/2014 4:57:25 PM by Eric

The Greek mythos of the "Phoenix" rising from the ashes is a fair analogy to use when describing the formation of Midnight Eternal. The New York/New Jersey symphonic band originally formed with the intention of writing two songs in March of 2014. Two members of Operatika, Richard Fischer and Boris Zaks, joined forces with Daniel Prestup (Spider Rockets) and Mike LePond (Symphony X) for the recording. The group soon acquired the talents of Raine Hilai as vocalist based on her work with theater and her solo endeavor. The plans of two songs quickly evolved into the formation of a full band. Read our interview with vocalist Raine Hilai...[Full Interview Link]

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Sinner The Great Deceiver
The Haunted Stratovarius
Symphorce Kataklysm
Gun Barrel Circle II Circle
Seether Ravage
Black Label Society H.I.M.
The Chainsaw Exawatt
Black Sabbath Godiva
Sinergy Stalker
Primal Fear Slayer
Fairyland Neverland
Killik Ebony Ark
Kingcrow Low Earth Orbit
Fireaxe Skeletonwitch
After Forever Final Dawn
Beaten Back To Pure Tearabyte
Medusa Megadeth
Anger Karmakanic
Feared Creation Kinetic
Emerald Sun Image
Entombed Impaled
Necrophagia Yyrkoon
Soulscar Nevermore
Backyard Babies Darkthrone
Cemetary Alex Skolnick Trio
Fire Alley Kryoburn
Gizmachi Ramesses
Fastkill Babylon
Impiety Burden Of Grief
Green Carnation Mirador
Vicious Art Supagroup
Nightvision Blitzkrieg
Flotsam & Jetsam Mercyful Fate
Black Majesty Crystal Fate
Blood Thirsty Demons Casus Belli
Arthemis Dechrist
Akercocke Asrai
The Tenth Circle Torture Killer
Motorhead Beecher
End of Level Boss Enforsaken
Nobody's Fool Across Tundras
Cardinale 286
Fields Of The Nephilim Dissection
Viron Vreid
8th Sin Dreams of Damnation
Black Crucifixion Gorgoroth
Azure Hydrogyn
War Within From the Grave
I Abominant
Enochian Crescent Twinball
The Showdown Deicide
Better Left Unsaid Steve Cone
Centinex The Gathering
In This Moment Madking Ludwig
Nagelfar Trouble
Glorior Belli David Galas
Architect Keep of Kalessin
Keldian Alkemyst
Glenn Hughes I Shalt Become
Rosetta Intolerant
Bible Of The Devil Alestorm
Papa Roach Faded Hope