Necrofile 46--Round Table Discussion - Downslave, Remembering: 1 Year Anniversary
7/11/2014 2:37:10 PM by Frank

"Black List" is the new EP from Knoxville, Tennessee's Downslave. Rarely does a relatively unknown band land on our radar with such an impact. Collectively, our staff liked this album so much that I think we all wanted to chime in our thoughts with a round table review and the albums that meant a lot to us one year ago…[Full Column Link]

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· BloodDuster· Misery Index
· Tiamat· Solemnity
· Kataklysm· Nazareth
· Mortician· Sick Speed
· Valley's Eve· Cage
· Thunderbolt· Artension
· Lanfear· Evanesce
· Stryper· Guardians Of Time
· Murdercycle· Edguy
· Deivos· Dew Scented
· Fairyland· Mother Misery
· Ebony Ark· Cans
· Madison Paige· Outworld
· David Shankle Group· Edge Of Forever
· Metalium· Velvet Revolver
· De Lirium's Order· Juggernott
· Schenker/ Pattison Summit· Meliah Rage
· Rhapsody of Fire· Imp
· Dio· Lullacry
· Unearth· Otep
· Division· Eternal Flight
· Age Of Silence· Necrodemon
· GWAR· Dark Ruin
· Six Feet Under· Crowbar
· Scenteria· Miles Beyond
· Soilwork· Dirt
· Carbomb· Mystic Prophecy
· Wolverine· the missing:
· Alex Skolnick Trio· Drunkard
· Fire Alley· Kinrick
· System Of A Down· Babylon
· Graveworm· Naglfar
· Slik Helvetika· Monolithe
· Nightvision· Impaled Nazarene
· Edenbridge· Scar Symmetry
· Octavia Sperati· Loits
· Overloaded· Forever Slave
· Savage Circus· Avenged Sevenfold
· Doomfoxx· Vile
· Define Divine· The Tenth Circle
· Torture Killer· Second Shadow
· Thryfing· Powerglove
· Blackmore's Night· Nikki Puppet
· Firehouse· Boris
· The Ocean· Valhalla
· Silver Dirt· The Smashup
· Dreams of Damnation· Michael Orlando
· Dendura· Skid Row
· Mouth of the Architect· Abominant
· Pretty Maids· Teeth of the Hydra
· Eighteen Visions· Escape The Fate
· Blood Tsunami· Hardcore Superstar
· Throne of Katarsis· In This Moment
· Necrophobic· Cruachan
· Five Finger Death Punch· Kruger
· Fight· Faith And Fire
· Architect· 40 Below Summer
· Blood Haven· SOS
· Embalming Theatre· Equilibrium
· Bible Of The Devil· Alestorm
· Son of Eric· Winterfylleth
· Mustasch