Necrofile 46--Round Table Discussion - Downslave, Remembering: 1 Year Anniversary
7/11/2014 2:37:10 PM by Frank

"Black List" is the new EP from Knoxville, Tennessee's Downslave. Rarely does a relatively unknown band land on our radar with such an impact. Collectively, our staff liked this album so much that I think we all wanted to chime in our thoughts with a round table review and the albums that meant a lot to us one year ago…[Full Column Link]

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· Anvil· Cathedral
· In Flames· Lost Horizon
· Opeth· Slipknot
· Poisonblack· Twelfth Gate
· Seether· Nazareth
· Godflesh· Steel Attack
· Fozzy· Ravage
· Sickspeed· Masterplan
· Metallica· Nicta
· Catch 22· Biomechanical
· Curriculum Mortis· Sinergy
· Duke· Silent Scythe
· Stalker· DevilDriver
· Fraise· Asperity
· Force Of Evil· Death Angel
· Celesty· Babylon Mystery Orchestra
· Bang The Union· Madison Paige
· W.A.S.P.· Outworld
· David Shankle Group· Disarmonia Mundi
· Edge Of Forever· Dimmu Borgir
· Juggernott· Fabrizio Bonanno
· Destructor· Joe Lynn Turner
· Unearth· Medusa
· Eternal Flight· Hanzel Und Gretyl
· Tristania· Audiovision
· Requiem Aeternam· Necrophagia
· Hibria· Tarot
· Nevermore· Diecast
· Derek Sherinian· Fire Alley
· Holy Moses· Kryoburn
· Babylon· Shade Empire
· Def Leppard· Mirador
· Darkane· Subterranean Masquerade
· Nuse· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
· Power Quest· Edenbridge
· Iron Maidens· Future is Tomorrow
· Eternal Reign· Violent Storm
· ASG· Barcode
· Ewigkeit· Paths Of Possession
· Phantom X· Crystal Ball
· Dreamland· Overmars
· Wolfmother· Celebratum
· Bronx Casket Company· Nocturnal Rites
· Hate· Sodom
· Brother Hawk· Second Shadow
· Cardinale· Cannibal Corpse
· The Ocean· Pyramaze
· Spawn of Possession· Space Odyssey
· Swashbuckle· Dendura
· Nachtmystium· Vicious Rumors
· Burialmound· Amputated
· Mastodon· Rotting Christ
· Venom· Lesbian Bed Death
· Lecherous Nocturne· Handful of Hate
· Fu Manchu· Battered
· The Chronicles of Israfel· Dezperadoz
· Almah· Chrome Division
· Pantera· Five Finger Death Punch
· Mithras· Divine Empire
· Throneum· Temple Of Blood
· Diamond Dogs· Distorted
· Pathology· Puscifer
· The Lamp of Thoth· The More I See
· Place Of Skulls