New Interview with Amoral!
11/21/2014 5:29:39 PM by Frank H.

Having lived in Finland for almost 3 years I have been fortunate to be placed into a position to meet a lot of the metal bands this country is known for throughout the world. One such band is the prog/classic rock band Amoral who I was fortunate enough to see live last summer in Helsinki at the famous Tuska Metal Festival. I found the band to have a strangely unique and entrancing sound and their new album 'Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows' is a great listen that just a lover of music in general would enjoy. Having a career that has spanned 10 years with style changes, I find Amoral one of the more interesting bands coming out of Finland and also one the most talented.

Guitarist Ben Varon was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule and answer some questions for Maximum Metal's TJ Fowler...
[Full Interview Link]

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