New Column--Heavy Metal Therapy: Part Deux
12/3/2014 4:29:36 PM by Frank H.

Think back for a moment about the first time you heard your first note of heavy metal. Remember the feeling it gave you, that euphoric lift that rose from the core of your soul and erupted out of you like a primal scream? For years, metal has evoked reactions of every sort from its dedicated followers. At any given metal show, chances are good you'll see someone crying or someone screaming along with the lyrics. Everyone's experience with metal as some sort of therapy is specific to that individual and is something that cements that person's relationship with metal that much more. What follows is my story of abuse, death, and "Heavy Metal Therapy". Read Greg Watson's story here...[Full Column Link]

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Cave In Hate Eternal
In Flames Into Eternity
Nightwish White Skull
Carpathian Forest Tiamat
Disturbed Goatwhore
Godsmack Majesty
Steel Attack Advent
Power of Omens Goat Horn
Exawatt SelfInflicted
Fireball Ministry The Graveyard Boulevard
Morbid Angel Runemagick
Steel Preacher Evanesce
Rob Rock Stalker
Hypocrisy DevilDriver
Asperity Fairyland
Volbeat Node
Ebony Ark Evanescence
downBleed Messiah's Kiss
Epica Icon And The Black Roses
Donnerkopf Dimmu Borgir
De Lirium's Order Fireaxe
Killswitch Engage Images of Eden
Shadows Fall Wintersun
Medusa Z02
Jamie. St. James Six Feet Under
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Seventh One
Tsjuder Cryme
Milkweed Crowbar
Corrosion Of Conformity Dirt
Seige of Hate Quiet Riot
Sabaton Shatterpoint
Vicious Circle Mechanical Poet
Chuck Schuldiner Wolverine
Cemetary Chaoswave
Alex Skolnick Trio Omegalord
Meshuggah Fire Alley
Sinisthra Def Leppard
Mirador Ektomorf
Darkane Subterranean Masquerade
Sentenced Unshine
Dam Holy Blood
Morgana Lefay Agents Of The Sun
Illuminatus Overloaded
Sun O))) Casus Belli
Third Degree Algol3
Running Wild Dreamland
Doomfoxx Define Divine
Midnight Idols Hate
End of Level Boss Craft
Sepultura Across Tundras
Poison Thyrane
Nightmare Dissection
The Smackdown The Smashup
Elvenking Cataract
Candlemass Down Factor
Hate Profile Black Crucifixion
Before Silence Vengeance
Mastodon Eyes of Ligeia
Lesbian Bed Death Lordi
E-lane Cheva
Lost Eden Blood of the Black Owl
Malevolent Creation Ulcerate
Architect Temple Of Blood
Hell N' Diesel Keldian
Pathosray Pathology
Witchfinder General Blood Haven
Virgin Black