New Column--Heavy Metal Therapy: Part Deux
12/3/2014 4:29:36 PM by Frank H.

Think back for a moment about the first time you heard your first note of heavy metal. Remember the feeling it gave you, that euphoric lift that rose from the core of your soul and erupted out of you like a primal scream? For years, metal has evoked reactions of every sort from its dedicated followers. At any given metal show, chances are good you'll see someone crying or someone screaming along with the lyrics. Everyone's experience with metal as some sort of therapy is specific to that individual and is something that cements that person's relationship with metal that much more. What follows is my story of abuse, death, and "Heavy Metal Therapy". Read Greg Watson's story here...[Full Column Link]

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Anvil Bathory
Leng Tch'e The Haunted
Grave Dokken
Solemnity Impellitteri
Stratovarius Machine Head
Ring of Fire Advent
Ravage Sickspeed
Metallica Angel Dust
Byfist Morbid Angel
Kilfast Mourning Beloveth
King Diamond Evanesce
Duke Savatage
Whitesnake Deivos
Force Of Evil TNA
Killik Jaw
Madison Paige Icon And The Black Roses
Nova Lex Low Earth Orbit
Zaius House of Lords
Feinstein Destructor
Therion Goatsnake
Imp Potential Threat SF
Dark Age Nashville Pussy
Division Scavenger
Necrodemon House of Shakira
The Project Hate Tristania
Betrayer John Oliva's Pain
Paradise Lost Audiovision
Yyrkoon Nevermore
Callenish Circle Burden Of Grief
Amorphis Slough Feg
Testament Sebastian Bach
Power Quest Alice Cooper
Nightvision Iron Maidens
Nuclear Assault Loits
Dragonia Armored Saint
Dechrist Akercocke
Crystal Ball Spellbound
Gojira Overmars
Vile Define Divine
Mastermind Dragonlord
Absu Fallen Wisdom
Second Shadow Witchery
Sepultura Southern Black Sand
Beyond Fear Nightmare
Hell-Born Cavalar
Athanator Sun Descends
Dawn of Azazel War Within
Amon Amarth Scary Manilow
Death Breath Mastodon
Lesbian Bed Death Quest of Aidance
Handful of Hate The Gathering
Battered Throne of Katarsis
Merciless Death Incrave
Almah Hacride
Transmission 0 Glorior Belli
Lipstick Magazine Night Ranger
Dantesco Averse Sefira
Trivium Medieval Steel
Alestorm Kiuas
End of Man Dread the Forsaken
Something Beautiful Mustasch
Raven Giant Squid