"Gentle Defiance": Interview with Hannes Grossman of the Extreme Prog Group--Alkaloid!
12/22/2014 3:21:32 PM by Frank H.

If you have been following Obscura, Dark Fortress, Aborted, Noneuclid, Spawn of Possession, or Blotted Science, then you have been made very aware of this prog-death "supergroup" known as Alkaloid a phantastical brainchild of Hannes Grossman, inspired by work of the Maestro Florian "Morean" Maier. Their highly anticipated debut, "The Malkuth Grimoire," which has been in the works since July, richly produced by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress), had hit the Indigogo campaign trail on December 1, 2014. As of December 19, only just a little more than a fortnight later, they have successfully reached 98% of their goal with over 40 days left.

What is making this project turn heads is not just the tremendous sound or their tremendous line up of Christian Muenzner (Guitars), Danny Tunker (Guitars), and Linus Klausenitzer (Bass), along with Hannes and Morean (drums; vocals / guitar respectively), but consciously choosing to divert their eclectic, daring vision out of the corporate network and taking their chances straight with the public. Maximum Metal writer, T. Ray Verteramo, had a chance to speak to Hannes about his motives and the work...[Full Interview Link]

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