New Interview with Danish Metal Band Chainfist!
1/20/2015 5:06:47 PM by Frank Hill

Most metal heads worth their salt know that Denmark is fast becoming a veritable hotbed of metal activity. Veterans like King Diamond, Volbeat, Hatesphere and Mercenary call Denmark home as well as newcomers like Sea and Aphyxion. A relative newcomer, Chainfist, offers up aggressive, in your face metal tinged with thrash and modern elements. 'Scarred', the band's latest offering, was released on October 6th through Mighty Music and proves to be a whirlwind of rage that hits hard and leaves major damage in its wake.

What we get with 'Scarred' is an album that packs as much punch as it does sleaze. You can feel the dirtiness ooze from your speakers as you're blasting any track off the album and the Hansen duo clearly worked their magic on this album. Listening to Jackie Petersen, you can hear a Hetfield styled delivery to some of his vocals. "I listen to a lot of different music and bands and I get inspired all the time. I believe that a singer should strive to be able to be as diverse as possible." Petersen's vocals are an intriguing element on the new album simply because you aren't sure what style he's going to hit you with.

Maximum Metal's Greg Watson recently spoke up with vocalist Jackie Petersen about what got him into metal, releasing albums in multiple formats, the singer he really looks up to, and the perfect song. Read Greg's interview here…[Full Interview Link]

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