New Performers Added to Our Metal Maidens Section!
2/3/2015 5:00:09 PM by Frank H.

Heavy metal and hard rock is usually a Man's Game, but women have made their own mark with power, grace, beauty and pure guts. Every now and then, with a seemingly random method of choosing, we add to our ever-expanding Maidens section.

Look for eleven new entries featuring pictures of:

  • Anna Murphy - Eluveitie
  • Anna Savage - Vanity Blvd
  • Brittney Slayes - Unleash The Archers
  • Carla van Huizen-Douw - La-Ventura
  • Fernanda Lira - Nervosa
  • Francesca Di Ventura - Heretic's Dream
  • Lee Aaron
  • Nina Osegueda - A Sound of Thunder
  • Madame Torment
  • Polina Berezko - Grace Disgraced
  • Tave Wanning - Adrenaline Rush
  • Taylor Momsen - The Pretty Reckless

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    LA Guns White Skull
    Poisonblack Exmortem
    Rebellion Rawhead Rexx
    Sickspeed Wizard
    Conquest Pyn Siren
    Hammerwhore Saint
    Inner Rage of Emotion Godiva
    Sevendust Crystal Eyes
    Duke Eidolon
    Silent Scythe Pharaoh
    Primal Fear Slayer
    Soul Reaper Volbeat
    Drowning Pool Jaw
    Evanescence W.A.S.P.
    Metalium Joe Stump
    Dimmu Borgir De Lirium's Order
    Juggernott Krokus
    Therion Meliah Rage
    Dream Evil Annihilator
    Neurosis Conquestador
    The Last Act Negative Creeps
    Overlorde Cryme
    Rush Napalm Death
    Azrael's Bane Code Black
    Motley Crue Divine Fire
    Veni Domine Tarot
    Heartcry Suidakra
    Icarus Witch Diecast
    Bleed The Sky Bruce Dickinson
    Axis Of Perdition Lord Gore
    Holy Moses Raintime
    Throes of Dawn Embraze
    Defleshed Blind Stare
    Raging Speedhorn Graveworm
    Sentenced Circus Maximus
    Taake Slik Helvetika
    Monolithe Leaves Eyes
    Love Forsaken Clutch
    Blitzkrieg Russell Allen
    Ignarus Cryogen
    Infliction Insense
    Scum Steep
    Moonspell Viron
    Manngard The Smackdown
    Ensoph Dawn of Azazel
    Spawn of Possession Vengeance
    Destruction Psycroptic
    Sahg Agalloch
    Hurt Zero Hour
    Wastefall Teeth of the Hydra
    Steve Cone Centinex
    Battered Necrophobic
    Nagelfar Mendeed
    Mithras The Wonderfools
    Sworn Enemy Heresi
    Shining Star Deceiver
    Straight Line Stitch Manilla Road
    Bullet For My Valentine Alestorm
    Son of Eric Dread the Forsaken
    Nasty Idols Sotajumala
    Uli Jon Roth Giant Squid