New Interview with Y&T Founding Member and HazeXperience Drummer Lenny Haze!
2/6/2015 4:13:06 PM by Frank H.

In 1974, Lenny Haze was a founding member and named the hard rock band known as Y&T (formerly Yesterday & Today). The band's 1985 hit, "Summertime Girls", off their album 'Down for the Count', became the California act's most successful to date, reaching No. 55 on Billboard and No. 17 on the U.S. mainstream rock charts. Many rock connoisseurs consider the group's early 80s albums, "Earthshaker", "Black Tiger" and "Mean Steak", as groundbreaking triumphs of US hard rock.

Lenny Haze has played drums for forty years for successful acts like Ronnie Montrose and Ian Gillan (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath). Eric Compton conducted a two-part interview with Lenny sharing his experiences. From his new band HazeXperience, drumming with Carmine Appice, touring with Ian Gillan, to a rare poolside introduction to Dee Dee Ramone, Haze's passion for storytelling encompasses his experiences both as a professional and a fan. Read Eric's interview here…[Full Interview Link]

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