"A Hall of Our Own": Rock Godz Hall of Fame Report!
3/28/2015 5:56:19 PM by Frank Hill

Vegas has many birthmarks; some bloodstains, some neon, a lot of gold, and a whole lot of noise. But somewhere down the street from business plazas and ordinary malls on the west side of the Strip is a little tattoo on the desert skin called Vamp'd, a home to all things Goth, rock, leather, and lace, which sets the perfect atmosphere for a…red carpet ceremony?

"Tonight is about celebrating the supporting artists of the stars who still kept rocking and writing, and playing and touring long after they stopped working with them," producer, musical director, and Director of A&R For Rock Godz, Jason Ebs explained.

And though there may have been about a 100 attendees, celebrate they did, as if there were a thousand. Every performance worthy of divinity, without exception. Each and every artist proved their worth, enjoying the hell out of giving us heaven.

The host band, Jet Velocity All-Stars, led by Jason Ebs & Janea Chadwick Ebs, also included Les Warner, Mikey "Bones" Gerbino, Gregg Fox, and Kimberly Barnhill embraced the stage with the inductees in between charming, unavoidable technical glitches, which gave the event an especially intimate atmosphere. Vamp'd became a glorious garage where the neighborhood gathered to see the commotion, support friends and each other, and join the party. The performances resonated with such energy, Fox, a classically trained rock veteran keyboardist, described, "Had a level of artistry…the recipients, the inductees, had a level of musicianship that was so high, so intense, so emotional, so magical, that it was a very, very special evening."

Read T. Ray Verteramo's report here…[Full Column Link]

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