Special Guest Column with Vocalist Brittney Slayes
A Look at Her Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Influences

4/3/2015 4:13:12 PM by Frank Hill

With a name that evokes medieval imagery and a sense of urgency, Unleash The Archers formed as a band in Victoria, Canada in 2007 and have subsequently been developing a fanbase with the release of three full-lengths and one EP and by playing shows throughout North America. The band created a campaign on IndieGoGo to help cover the costs of their pro-shot video for "General of the Dark Army" which is approaching a million views on YouTube. The band's combination of mythic subjects, melodic power metal guitars, Brittney Slayes' traditional lead vocals and harsh, male backing vocals are the staple of their genre-defying brand of music. With the success of their sophomore album, the band have been slowly infiltrating worldwide markets. Their increased global presence and talent led to the band signing with metal label Napalm Records this year.

Brittney has mentioned in interviews that she is heavy into sci-fi and fantasy and that they were an influence on her writings. We decided to explore that a little deeper and asked her to come up with 10 items within those genres and how they may have tied into the band's material.

Check out her Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Influences here: [Full Column Link]

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Demons and Wizards Into Eternity
Leng Tch'e Vicious Mary
Poisonblack Deranged
Machine Head Kalibas
Queensryche Godflesh
Power of Omens Johnny Lokke
Tungsten Exawatt
Wycked Synn Steel Preacher
Guardians Of Time Silent Scythe
Halloween Force Of Evil
TNA Drowning Pool
Celesty Cans
Epica Marillion
Zaius Estuary
Scorpions Lilitu
Killswitch Engage Black Destiny
Metal Church Medusa
Nashville Pussy Otep
Polterchrist Six Feet Under
Within Temptation Tristania
Betrayer Dark Tranquillity
Azrael's Bane Gods Of Fire
Hellfueled Necrophagia
Tarot Hellfire
Carina Alfie Darkthrone
Chaoswave Alex Skolnick Trio
Freedom Call Boomerang
Derek Sherinian Nightrage
Rudra Astarte
Agents Of Man Naglfar
Goddess Of Desire Circus Maximus
Secrets She Kept Gaia
Impaled Nazarene Sheavy
The Scourger Painmuseum
Octavia Sperati Future is Tomorrow
Before The Dawn Savage Circus
Even X Dreamland
Midnight Idols Hate
Vader Lair Of The Minotaur
The Berzerker Firehouse
Valhalla Vore
Hirax Cult of Luna
Gorgoroth Unsilent Phenomenon
From the Grave The Ruins of Beverast
The Finals Battle Bratt
Teeth of the Hydra Sathanas
Escape The Fate Extium
Kotipelto Steve Cone
Warmachine Lost Eden
Battered Omnium Gatherum
Lord Belial Crescent Shield
Nagelfar Wuthering Heights
Malevolent Creation The Wonderfools
Hellveto Cauldron
Heresi Distorted
I Shalt Become Witchfinder General
Burzum Manilla Road
Armory Hacksaw Surgery
Trinacria Celestia
Sin Coffins
Caliban DC4
Uli Jon Roth Sister Sin
Dark Castle