Special Guest Column with Vocalist Brittney Slayes
A Look at Her Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Influences

4/3/2015 4:13:12 PM by Frank Hill

With a name that evokes medieval imagery and a sense of urgency, Unleash The Archers formed as a band in Victoria, Canada in 2007 and have subsequently been developing a fanbase with the release of three full-lengths and one EP and by playing shows throughout North America. The band created a campaign on IndieGoGo to help cover the costs of their pro-shot video for "General of the Dark Army" which is approaching a million views on YouTube. The band's combination of mythic subjects, melodic power metal guitars, Brittney Slayes' traditional lead vocals and harsh, male backing vocals are the staple of their genre-defying brand of music. With the success of their sophomore album, the band have been slowly infiltrating worldwide markets. Their increased global presence and talent led to the band signing with metal label Napalm Records this year.

Brittney has mentioned in interviews that she is heavy into sci-fi and fantasy and that they were an influence on her writings. We decided to explore that a little deeper and asked her to come up with 10 items within those genres and how they may have tied into the band's material.

Check out her Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Influences here: [Full Column Link]

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Bathory The Kovenant
LA Guns Sinner
Carpathian Forest Rebellion
December Kataklysm
Circle II Circle Ring of Fire
Godflesh Liege Lord
Sickspeed Metallica
God Dethroned Ion Vein
Black Sabbath Biomechanical
Sinergy Stryper
Eidolon Stalker
Halloween Pharaoh
Whitesnake Edguy
Primal Fear Asperity
Out of the Lair Secret Sphere
Iron Savior Neverland
Three Inches of Blood Force Of Evil
Jag Panzer Cans
Amityville Whore Edge Of Forever
Highlord Gary Moore
Feinstein Acrid
Devil In The Kitchen Mob Rules
Fireaxe Insomnium
Scorpions Vox Tempus
After Forever Black Destiny
Wintersun Medusa
I.C.E. Marshall Law
Haunted By Angels Negative Creeps
Overlorde Mirror of Deception
Behemoth Cryme
Betrayer Paradise Lost
Audiovision Rottweiller
Hellfueled Veni Domine
Soilwork Yyrkoon
Hellfire Ravensthorn
Apocalyptica Samael
Marduk Novembers Doom
Bleed The Sky Axis Of Perdition
Debris Inc. Fire Alley
Strapping Young Lad Ignitor
Raintime Pro-Pain
Nightrage Biss
Embraze Sothis
Maximum Overdrive Taake
Prowler Inc. Sebastian Bach
Ritual Killer Painmuseum
Loits Mercyful Fate
Peccatum Casus Belli
Barcode Arthemis
Dechrist The Classic Struggle
Dogs Of Winter Detonation
Nocturnal Rites From This Day
End My Sorrow Powerglove
Naked Beggars Lair Of The Minotaur
Beyond Fear Thyrane
Hell-Born Firehouse
Clawfinger Moonspell
Warrant (Amer) Imagika
Candlemass Hirax
Nicodemus Speed/Kill/Hate
8th Sin Bludgeon
Stormcrow Abysmal Dawn
Apiary Dawn of Azazel
Cult of Luna Fragments of Unbecoming
Suzukiton Bloodbound
Azure She Said Destroy
Hydrogyn Dendura
Nachtmystium Skid Row
I The Ruins of Beverast
Amputated Better Left Unsaid
Handful of Hate Twisted Into Form
Blood Tsunami Hardcore Superstar
Southern Gentleman Threat Signal
Warbringer Mindgrinder
Passion Gotthard
Pentacle Aborted
Denial Fiend Wuthering Heights
Blut Aus Nord Funeral
Echoes of Eternity Frosthardr
Shining Star Gutted With Broken Glass
Trivium Witchfinder General
Straight Line Stitch Puscifer
Godhead Virgin Black
Uriah Heep End of Man
Faded Hope Wolfgate
Battleroar Earthen Grave