Concert Report--Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock!
4/12/2015 4:04:22 PM by Frank Hill

We all know Michael Schenker. We all know where he's been, what he's done, and what he's doing because generations of rock, blues, metal, and prog artists have been influenced over and over by the legacy of where he's been and what he's done. But, it's quite a different experience listening to the product of the genius and watching the genius at work. He, along with Doogie White, Francis Bucholz, Herman Rarebell, and Wayne Findlay, are a band of masters who, strangely enough, sacrificed some of their own Rock from their Temple tonight in favor of shrines for The Scorpions and UFO.

They were all in great shape, full of life, and seemed genuinely glad to be there, which anyone has to admit, makes all the difference in the world. Doogie lost the Buddha in his belly and Michael gained the Buddha in his soul. Francis held his ground in stance and sound, while Wayne's 7-string wizardry tied the entire outfit together with triple-duties of keyboards, rhythm guitar, and back-up vocals with a few leads of his own at the end. Herman, the big 2-year old banging on the pots and pans in the back, was having a particularly good time, charming everyone in his line of sight; singing along, making faces, and just banging the shit out of that kit. It was wondrous.

This line-up is the best fit Schenker has yet found, with the songs and show to prove it.

Read T. Ray Verteramo's full report here…[Full Column Link]

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