New Interview with Saint Rebel!
4/30/2015 3:35:46 PM by Frank Hill

It's the American dream. Five guys in route to LA with hopes, dreams and hard work tucked away with the boarding passes they each carry. On the legs of their sophomore effort, simply titled 'Saint Rebel', these Danish kids are taking the world by storm - one mile at a time. Fresh off of their five date run in Denmark, Mighty Music's US office hosts the band for a four date tour coast to coast that features a stop at one of rock and roll's most iconic homes--The Whiskey a Go Go.

"It is such a cool place, I mean you can feel it just walking in the backstage area, feel the stories that happened there", explains guitarist Jakob Poppelvig. "You can just imagine Axl Rose high on shit, falling down the stairs. I think it all hit us together, standing on the stage, this is THE Whiskey, from Denmark halfway across the globe to LA. The audience was great, a lot of people turned out. It was an amazing experience."

"In Denmark you really need to consider what you are putting out on the market and the radio because there really isn't that many people there that listen to rock music. We needed to find a song that represented us. The C part where the guitars take over and the solo and the scream at the end. That is us. We are Saint Rebel. There is 'Saint' in that song and there is 'Rebel' in that song. That is why we chose that track, it represents us and represents the rock and roll scene."

Read Maximum Metal writer, Eric Compton's full interview with Saint Rebel here…[Full Interview Link]

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