Metal Styles Charted Against Listener Reaction!
7/17/2015 1:50:57 PM by Frank Hill

Every now and then, some of my non-metal friends ask me what I'm listening to. Here's an ascending chart of how the music style influenced the listeners' reactions. It's fairly predictable, but Glam wins out as the friendliest where Black and Death tie for the most horrific reactions of this non-scientific study of hard rock and metal styles plotted against listener reaction.

Typical Bands Played
Glam - Poison
Hard Rock - AC\DC
Progressive - Rush
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden
Power - Helloween
Nu - Korn
Industrial - Ministry
Doom - Black Sabbath
Gothic - Therion
NWOAHM - Killswitch Engage
Thrash - Overkill
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Black - Emperor
Death - Cannibal Corpse

Let it be your Maximum Metal guide to attracting your visitors or even for getting rid of a few!

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Cave In Leng Tch'e
Nightwish Vehemence
Grave Children Of Bodom
White Skull Immolation
Poisonblack Tiamat
Anthrax Warhorse
Circle II Circle Advent
Iron Maiden Late Nite Romeo
Hammerwhore Pelican
Endless Time Byfist
Agony Divine Supervillain
Dragonforce Mourning Beloveth
Malstrom Rob Rock
Eidolon Stalker
Halloween Attacker
Krisiun Secret Sphere
Dreamaker Fear Factory
Three Inches of Blood Black Stone Cherry
Drowning Pool Gothic Knights
Jaw Evanescence
Cans Donnerkopf
Low Earth Orbit Dragonspoon
House of Lords Krokus
Unleashed Metal Church
Imp Images of Eden
Shadows Fall Wintersun
Aina Necrodemon
Slowlife Conquestador
Arch Enemy The Last Act
The Lizards Ironhorse
Agnostic Front Blind Guardian
Cryme Fifth Cross
Motley Crue Emerald Sun
The New Breed Miles Beyond
Kings X Apocalyptica
John Sykes Darkthrone
Crimson Moonlight Antares
Stormwarrior Kaamos
Alex Skolnick Trio Meshuggah
Neil Turbin Hatesphere
Rudra Amorphis
Evemaster Slik Helvetika
Gemini 5 The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Wetwork Havochate
Crystal Fate Dirty Americans
Bolt Thrower Twilight
Running Wild The Absence
Mistress Midnight Idols
Sinocence Vader
Early Man Brother Hawk
Craft Fallen Wisdom
Mental Care Foundation Across Tundras
Intronaut Ephel Duath
Beyond Fear Upwards of Endtime
Thyrane Steep
Clawfinger Event Horizon
Vreid Candlemass
Hirax Apiary
Upon Infliction She Said Destroy
Paul Bonrud Sahg
Wednesday 13 Thy Majestie
Zoroaster Isis
Biolich Obtest
The Showdown Starkweather
Kotipelto Centinex
Gaza Phazm
Fu Manchu Omnium Gatherum
Dream Theater Mindgrinder
The Chronicles of Israfel Old Man's Child
Blood of the Black Owl Marc Sasso
Cattle Decapitation Passion
Mithras Gotthard
Hacride Spit Like This
Nominon Since the Day
Aborted Kruger
Funeral Randy Ellefson
Himsa Hellveto
Ensiferum Mongrel
Alkemyst Averse Sefira
Bilocate Father Befouled
Trivium Hacksaw Surgery
Trinacria Intolerant
Alestorm Son of Eric
End of Man Luna Mortis
Papa Roach Wolfgate