Metal Styles Charted Against Listener Reaction!
7/17/2015 1:50:57 PM by Frank Hill

Every now and then, some of my non-metal friends ask me what I'm listening to. Here's an ascending chart of how the music style influenced the listeners' reactions. It's fairly predictable, but Glam wins out as the friendliest where Black and Death tie for the most horrific reactions of this non-scientific study of hard rock and metal styles plotted against listener reaction.

Typical Bands Played
Glam - Poison
Hard Rock - AC\DC
Progressive - Rush
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden
Power - Helloween
Nu - Korn
Industrial - Ministry
Doom - Black Sabbath
Gothic - Therion
NWOAHM - Killswitch Engage
Thrash - Overkill
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Black - Emperor
Death - Cannibal Corpse

Let it be your Maximum Metal guide to attracting your visitors or even for getting rid of a few!

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Anvil HammerFall
Poisonblack Neck
Dirty Power Celestial Ode
Ring of Fire Metallica
Circle of Nero Goat Horn
Byfist Nicta
Morbid Angel Steel Preacher
Evanesce Guardians Of Time
Stalker Drillpoint
Project: Failing Flesh F5
I Hate Sally Black Stone Cherry
Cryonic Temple Ebony Ark
Deep Purple Skyfire
Velvet Revolver Cyst
Acrid Devil In The Kitchen
Therion Bonfire
Metal Church Images of Eden
Wintersun Potential Threat SF
Z02 Conquestador
Haunted By Angels Silent Force
Hanzel Und Gretyl Betrayer
Paradise Lost Corrosion Of Conformity
Loudblast Shatterpoint
Vicious Circle Carina Alfie
Chuck Schuldiner Wolverine
Samael Argument Soul
Marduk God Fear None
Bruce Dickinson Chastain
Debris Inc. Callenish Circle
Pro-Pain Python
Amorphis Communic
Holy Blood Lake Of Tears
Redemption Pagan's Mind
Russell Allen Bolt Thrower
Sun O))) 1349
Forever Slave Paths Of Possession
Ghost Machinery Crystal Ball
Gojira The Classic Struggle
Torture Killer Hate
Taunusheim Enforsaken
Brother Hawk Poison
286 Wolves in the Throne Room
Nightmare Daylight Dies
Leviathan/Sapthuran Manngard
The Smackdown Pyramaze
8th Sin The Furor
Abysmal Dawn Apiary
Non-Human Level Sun Descends
Upon Infliction Bloodbound
Destruction War Within
Psycroptic Ynis Vitrin
I Eyes of Ligeia
Teeth of the Hydra Lordi
Lost Eden Blood of the Black Owl
The Prophecy Warner Drive
Nation Beyond Frosthardr
Orthodox Rosetta
Deceiver Blood Haven
Manilla Road SOS
Vulture Industries Moonshine
The Lamp of Thoth Bullet For My Valentine
The More I See