Metal Styles Charted Against Listener Reaction!
7/17/2015 1:50:57 PM by Frank Hill

Every now and then, some of my non-metal friends ask me what I'm listening to. Here's an ascending chart of how the music style influenced the listeners' reactions. It's fairly predictable, but Glam wins out as the friendliest where Black and Death tie for the most horrific reactions of this non-scientific study of hard rock and metal styles plotted against listener reaction.

Typical Bands Played
Glam - Poison
Hard Rock - AC\DC
Progressive - Rush
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden
Power - Helloween
Nu - Korn
Industrial - Ministry
Doom - Black Sabbath
Gothic - Therion
NWOAHM - Killswitch Engage
Thrash - Overkill
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Black - Emperor
Death - Cannibal Corpse

Let it be your Maximum Metal guide to attracting your visitors or even for getting rid of a few!

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Hate Eternal In Flames
Racer X Steel Prophet
BloodDuster Mondo Generator
Grave Digger Neck
Kalibas Queensryche
Ring of Fire Iron Maiden
Rawhead Rexx Fozzy
Liege Lord Dark Moor
Crematorium Firewind
Angel Dust Cage
October 31 The Chainsaw
Agony Divine Nicta
Iced Earth Paragon
Bloodbath Mourning Beloveth
Drillpoint Whitesnake
Defiled Secret Sphere
Dreamaker Volbeat
Black Stone Cherry Riot
Kingcrow Wolf
Donnerkopf U.D.O.
House of Lords Feinstein
Destructor Krokus
Fireaxe Meliah Rage
Rhapsody of Fire Images of Eden
Potential Threat SF Chris Caffery
Marshall Law Mine
Witchburner Incantation
Silent Force Agnostic Front
Made of Iron Hanzel Und Gretyl
Angra Avenue F
Triumph Cradle To Grave
Emerald Sun The New Breed
The Mighty Nimbus Impaled
Seige of Hate Shatterpoint
Yyrkoon Strikelight
Tarot Suidakra
Apocalyptica Crimson Moonlight
Alex Skolnick Trio Soul SirkUS
Holy Moses Operatika
Gizmachi Fastkill
Babylon Manntis
Sothis Graveworm
God Among Insects Testament
Sentenced The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Devil Lee Rot Resurrecturis
Scar Symmetry Flotsam & Jetsam
Black Majesty Dragonia
Violent Storm Blood Thirsty Demons
Winterfell Barcode
Paths Of Possession Phantom X
Mistress Crystal Ball
Infliction Avulsed
Urizen Skullshifter
Sinocence Zero Down
God Forbid Decapitated
End of Level Boss Mental Care Foundation
Thryfing Witchery
Southern Black Sand Cardinale
Blackmore's Night Thyrane
Firehouse Tris Katone
Event Horizon Viron
8th Sin Hate Profile
Smohalla Destruction
Swashbuckle Hydrogyn
Nachtmystium Fleshgore
Setherial Battle Bratt
Mastodon Venom
Lesbian Bed Death Kotipelto
Urkraft The Gathering
Old Man's Child Merciless Death
Almah Trouble
Pantera Gotthard
Since the Day Malevolent Creation
The Wonderfools Keldian
Dantesco Manilla Road
Embalming Theatre Medieval Steel
The More I See Deadsea
Kiuas End of Man
Sin Papa Roach