25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed!
7/31/2015 5:49:57 PM by Frank Hill

There is a vast amount of hard rock and heavy metal bands releasing albums every year. A decade ago, we roughly estimated that there were somewhere in the range of 150,000 of those bands across the world. The Encyclopaedia Metallum website has almost 85,000 reviews alone. So many groups over time have released as little as one record before they disappeared like the fading notes of a concert encore.

With today's widely-available digital technology, more and more bands are able to put out music themselves and who knows exactly how many albums have been released since metal's inception 46 years ago.

We've put our collective writer heads together into a beastly hydra and dug through the mountains of metal we own for a special "25 Albums We Love That You May Have Missed" list.

These are the personal gems we've unearthed...

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Loudness Opeth
White Skull Misery Index
Exmortem Deceased
Impellitteri Gun Barrel
Seether Usurper
Godflesh Dark Moor
Wizard Valley's Eve
H.I.M. Circle of Nero
Shakra SelfInflicted
Dragonforce Kilfast
Evanesce Stryper
Halloween Attacker
Pink Cream 69 Fraise
Defiled Brides of Destruction
Asperity Hard Echo
Tesla TNA
Node Killik
Leash Law Deep Purple
Outworld Highlord
Velvet Revolver Hatework
Joe Stump Estuary
Mob Rules Dream Evil
Final Dawn Potential Threat SF
Occult Chris Caffery
Jamie. St. James House of Shakira
Witchburner Six Feet Under
The Project Hate Agnostic Front
Tristania Triumph
Betrayer Napalm Death
Milkweed Motley Crue
Image Blood Red Throne
Impaled Quiet Riot
Vicious Circle Desire Black
Carina Alfie Backyard Babies
Samael Drunkard
Fire Alley Kryoburn
System Of A Down Neil Turbin
Ignitor Gizmachi
Fastkill Babylon
Pro-Pain Disbelief
Agents Of Man Amorphis
Vicious Art Maximum Overdrive
Goddess Of Desire Unchained
Kult ov Azazel Nuse
Prowler Inc. Dam
Killing Spree Power Quest
Love Forsaken Morgana Lefay
Agents Of The Sun Flotsam & Jetsam
The Scourger Warchild
Future is Tomorrow Black Majesty
Penetrator ASG
The Firstborn Barcode
Third Degree Vinterriket
Thrones Even X
Infliction Avulsed
Skullshifter The Classic Struggle
Bronx Casket Company The Tenth Circle
Hate Decapitated
Codeon The Berzerker
Leviathan/Sapthuran The Ocean
Silver Dirt Ampast
Vreid Stormcrow
The Furor Sun Descends
Black Crucifixion Theater of Tragedy
Michael Orlando She Said Destroy
Swashbuckle Dendura
Nachtmystium Sahg
Skid Row Shadows Within
Anata Isis
Twinball Biolich
Sathanas Warmachine
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Hardcore Superstar
Lord Belial Blood of the Black Owl
Textures Nominon
Himsa Keep of Kalessin
Ensiferum Rosetta
Witchfinder General Embalming Theatre
Medieval Steel Uriah Heep
Mar De Grises Alestorm
The More I See Deadsea
Wolfgate Eighteen Wheels Burning
Something Beautiful Giant Squid