New Interview with Jill Janus of Huntress!
12/9/2015 3:31:39 PM by Frank Hill

Jill Janus has other priorities to spend her energy on than socio-politics.

When it comes to matters of life and death, art and challenges, she has more than her share. Taking her passions to the extreme in voice and performance, as the frontperson of Huntress, she has unabashedly stepped up to a huge plate, earning herself respect among fans and peers. As a human being with extraordinary struggles with physical and mental illness, she has accomplished the same. This, along with strong material and determination, she and the band have found tremendous support and a solid tour schedule.

Huntress' video, "Sorrow" from their latest project, Static, enjoyed all-around positive reviews after its premiere last week. Ms. Janus was kind enough to check in with Maximum Metal to see how she's doing and where Huntress is headed. Read T. Ray Verteramo's full interview here…[Full Interview Link]

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