H.P. Lovecraft Special Edition Vinyl Reviews
4/22/2016 1:48:06 PM by Frank Hill

2015 marked the 125th anniversary of the life of H.P. Lovecraft. The famed horror and science fiction author is considered a pioneer for the genre with countless forms of media inspired by his dark and vivid imagination. With comics, movies and television relying heavily on Lovecraft literature, heavy metal has always maintained a unique fascination with the author. Metal founders Black Sabbath referenced Lovecraft's 1919 short story "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" on their 1970 song "Behind the Wall of Sleep". Two of metal's marquee names, Iron Maiden and Metallica, have both penned tracks (and artwork) based on Lovecraft lore. Many of metal's extreme bands and sub-genres often use the author's mythology to create supernatural lyrical imagery and atmosphere.

New spoken word label Cadabra Records is celebrating the 125th anniversary with a series of limited edition vinyl releases dedicated to some of Lovecraft's short stories. The label is ran by horror fan Jonathan Dennison and saw its first release, 'Where is Abby & Other Tales', late last year. Dennison released 'The Hound & the Music of Erich Zann' in February as a 500 copy 150 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold tip-on "old style" jacket. The second release of this Lovecraft series comes in late April. 'Hallowe'en in a Suburb and Others' is released as a limited 7" pressed on clear vinyl in a 150 copy run. The cover is hand-screened in silver ink on a fold-over cover with insert.

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Anvil Demons and Wizards
Into Eternity Mudvayne
White Skull Carpathian Forest
Dokken Solemnity
Regurgitate Commit Suicide
Seven Witches Godsmack
Fozzy Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Powergod God Dethroned
Carnal Forge October 31
Johnny Lokke Pelican
The Chainsaw Endless Time
Byfist Dragonforce
Wycked Synn Mourning Beloveth
Crystal Eyes Sinergy
Duke Eidolon
Windseeker Thunderstone
Whitesnake Out of the Lair
Iron Savior Soul Reaper
Shiva Death Angel
Drowning Pool Gothic Knights
Freakhouse UFO
Cans Edge Of Forever
Estuary De Lirium's Order
Juggernott Fabrizio Bonanno
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Fireaxe
Bonfire Metal Church
Imp Images of Eden
Dio Aina
Scavenger Polterchrist
Valume Nob House of Shakira
Throcult Six Feet Under
Silent Force The Lizards
Overlorde Agnostic Front
Made of Iron Anger
Behemoth John Oliva's Pain
Mercenary Code Black
Paradise Lost Bloody Sign
Emerald Sun Image
Audiovision Divine Fire
Lost Soul Belef
Hibria Icarus Witch
John Sykes Diecast
Alex Skolnick Trio Pure Inc
Axis Of Perdition Frantic Bleep
Drunkard Fire Alley
Strapping Young Lad System Of A Down
Green Carnation Biss
Mirador Graveworm
Amorphis Maximum Overdrive
Unchained Unshine
Taake Dynamic Lights
Prowler Inc. Supagroup
Iron Maidens Nuclear Assault
Future is Tomorrow Monster Magnet
Armored Saint Dirty Americans
1349 Algol3
Shattersphere Avenged Sevenfold
Ghost Machinery Thrones
Mistress Dreamland
Avulsed Urizen
Asrai Detonation
Early Man Grimfist
Brother Hawk Poison
Thyrane Ampast
Candlemass Non-Human Level
Michael Orlando Unsilent Phenomenon
Space Odyssey Vicious Rumors
Woodtemple Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
Pretty Maids Enochian Crescent
Satyricon Teeth of the Hydra
Starkweather Quest of Aidance
Lost Eden Southern Gentleman
Warbringer Manticore
Crescent Shield Zyklon
Dezperadoz Cruachan
Blood of the Black Owl Incrave
The Prophecy Throneum
Fight Depressed Mode
Frosthardr I Shalt Become
Ride The Sky Cockpit
Jesus Martyr Pop Evil
SOS Armory
Kreator Moonshine
Hacksaw Surgery Virgin Black
Kiuas Place Of Skulls
Faded Hope Something Beautiful