H.P. Lovecraft Special Edition Vinyl Reviews
4/22/2016 1:48:06 PM by Frank Hill

2015 marked the 125th anniversary of the life of H.P. Lovecraft. The famed horror and science fiction author is considered a pioneer for the genre with countless forms of media inspired by his dark and vivid imagination. With comics, movies and television relying heavily on Lovecraft literature, heavy metal has always maintained a unique fascination with the author. Metal founders Black Sabbath referenced Lovecraft's 1919 short story "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" on their 1970 song "Behind the Wall of Sleep". Two of metal's marquee names, Iron Maiden and Metallica, have both penned tracks (and artwork) based on Lovecraft lore. Many of metal's extreme bands and sub-genres often use the author's mythology to create supernatural lyrical imagery and atmosphere.

New spoken word label Cadabra Records is celebrating the 125th anniversary with a series of limited edition vinyl releases dedicated to some of Lovecraft's short stories. The label is ran by horror fan Jonathan Dennison and saw its first release, 'Where is Abby & Other Tales', late last year. Dennison released 'The Hound & the Music of Erich Zann' in February as a 500 copy 150 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold tip-on "old style" jacket. The second release of this Lovecraft series comes in late April. 'Hallowe'en in a Suburb and Others' is released as a limited 7" pressed on clear vinyl in a 150 copy run. The cover is hand-screened in silver ink on a fold-over cover with insert.

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Cathedral Demons and Wizards
White Skull BloodDuster
Immolation Karaboudjan
Twelfth Gate December
Skullview Helloween
Majesty Widowmaker
Abigor Cage
Ion Vein Evolution
Black Sabbath Catch 22
Rage Steel Preacher
Lanfear Nordheim
Axenstar Whitesnake
Brides of Destruction Fear Factory
Soil I Hate Sally
Drowning Pool Funerus
Riot Jaw
Ebony Ark Jorn
Dragonspoon Joe Stump
Fabrizio Bonanno Therion
Meliah Rage Saxon
Imp Aina
Megadeth Chris Caffery
Marshall Law Necrodemon
Mine The Project Hate
Within Temptation Negative Creeps
Mirror of Deception Seventh One
Rush Mercenary
Gods Of Fire Impaled
Loudblast Sabaton
Apocalyptica Cemetary
Omegalord Meshuggah
Drunkard Chastain
System Of A Down Pro-Pain
Disbelief Rudra
Mirador Python
Communic Supagroup
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Power Quest
Love Forsaken Wetwork
Holy Blood Flotsam & Jetsam
Illuminatus Russell Allen
Dechrist Akercocke
Infliction Midnight Idols
The Classic Struggle Victory
Sinocence God Forbid
Motorhead Virgin Steele
Vader End of Level Boss
Insense Mental Care Foundation
Totalisti Witchery
Ephel Duath The Strongest Proof
Dawn of Azazel Suzukiton
Bloodbound Destruction
Scary Manilow From the Grave
Skyforger Hurt
Zero Hour Abominant
Pump The Abominable Iron Sloth
Myon Thy Majestie
Darkness Eternal Starkweather
Fu Manchu Nagelfar
Pantera Hacride
Pentacle Blut Aus Nord
Kruger Faith And Fire
Himsa Night Ranger
Orthodox Aetherius Obscuritas
Hacksaw Surgery Uriah Heep
Cursed Dark Castle