New Interview with Voices of Ruin!
8/12/2016 3:23:56 PM by Frank Hill

"Born of the Dark" is hands down the best death metal album I've heard in a long, long time. Combining melodic intros with death metal riffing, black metal blastings and some of their own flavor, Voices of Ruin have created the recipe for a bloody good death metal album. Putting this in to words is damn near impossible. The sound on "Born of the Dark" has that feeling of being something equal parts familiar and fresh. I just know that when I listened to this release that I was totally and completely blown away by what was carried in to my ears." --Greg Watson

On their latest release, Voices of Ruin combines elements of European melodic death metal and classic heavy metal with some US West Coast thrash and a bit of black metal. All of it made for a killer independent release that's somewhat removed from the pure metal genres. But hybrid sounds often shake our expectations and evolve our listening experience. Greg had a chance to chat with vocalist Dave Barrett about the new release "Born from the Dark", song crafting, criticisms, genres and sub-genres, vinyl, and "Larry".

Read his full interview here...[Full Interview Link]

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