(Stephen) King of Metal: His Influence on Hard Music!
10/29/2016 1:13:10 PM by Frank Hill

Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of our modern time with over 350 million copies sold from the 67 novels and books he's published of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy.

Within his works are many references to bands like the Ramones and AC/DC. King has stated that he likes heavy metal and has named Anthrax, Judas Priest and Metallica as amongst his favorites to write to.

Without an extensive cataloging of subjects, it's arguable which author has the highest influence on metal, but we grew up with Mr. King and many hard rock and heavy metal band members did as well using some of his subject matter within their own music. So, we have given our pound of flesh and compiled a master list of all the songs we could find related to his books. Read our column here: [Full Column Link]

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Cathedral Demons and Wizards
HammerFall Sinner
The Great Deceiver Chaingunn
Twilight Odyssey Immolation
Misery Index Exmortem
Regurgitate Deranged
Godsmack Steel Attack
Liege Lord Ravage
Sickspeed Crematorium
Angel Dust Goat Horn
Exawatt Sevendust
Thunderbolt Sinergy
Axenstar Windseeker
Thunderstone Attacker
Soul Reaper Soil
Death Angel Cryonic Temple
Jaw Wolf
Marillion Brutal Mastication
Hatework Joe Stump
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Killswitch Engage
Imp Aina
Annihilator Valume Nob
Jungle Rot Conquestador
Agnostic Front Blind Guardian
Anger Karmakanic
Avenue F Mercenary
Gods Of Fire Rottweiller
Hellfueled Strikelight
Carina Alfie Stormwarrior
Severe Torture Soul SirkUS
Fire Alley Swallow The Sun
System Of A Down Shade Empire
Nightrage Biss
Groundcrew Embraze
Blind Stare Vicious Art
Slough Feg Voyager
Nightvision Cannon
Algol3 Akercocke
Spellbound Nocturnal Rites
Beecher Grimfist
Brother Hawk Mental Care Foundation
Poison 286
Upwards of Endtime Hell-Born
Boris Vore
Pyramaze Imagika
Down Factor Speed/Kill/Hate
The Furor The Strongest Proof
Destruction Hydrogyn
Amon Amarth Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
Thy Majestie Cult of Daath
Cheva Steve Cone
Skullflower Southern Gentleman
Terry Sullivan Zyklon
Passion Rob Zombie
Tears Denial Fiend
Funeral Himsa
Alkemyst Ride The Sky
40 Below Summer Trivium
Burzum Hacksaw Surgery
Alestorm Place Of Skulls
Battleroar Uli Jon Roth