Staff Top Three Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Love Songs!
2/10/2017 4:36:37 PM by Frank Hill

Rarely is love the subject matter of heavy metal where death and destruction play primary roles.

The simple answer may be that the qualities we tend to see with love are incongruent with the way we picture the heavy metal environment and themes. Love is connective and nourishing. Rock music can be aggressive and rebellious. Heavy metal is often about struggles of power. Musically, love songs are sweet and melodious where metal is based upon amplification and distortion. Love will embrace, but doesn't celebrate, evil.

February 14 is Valentine's Day so we each chose our favorite three songs that relate to L-O-V-E. [Full Column Link]

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Cathedral Lost Horizon
Mudvayne Sinner
White Skull Big Dumb Face
Karaboudjan Mondo Generator
Solemnity Stratovarius
Goatwhore Norma Jean
Commit Suicide Circle II Circle
Mark Boals Ravage
Wizard Byfist
The Graveyard Boulevard Dream Weaver
Crystal Eyes Stryper
Guardians Of Time Savatage
Mnemic Stalker
Attacker Pharaoh
Krisiun DevilDriver
Probot Doro
Dew Scented Shiva
Death Angel Evanescence
Messiah's Kiss Amityville Whore
Edge Of Forever Black Zodiac
Fireaxe Meliah Rage
Skeletonwitch Saxon
Occult Lullacry
Medusa Otep
Jamie. St. James House of Shakira
Arch Enemy Ironhorse
Hanzel Und Gretyl Avenue F
Betrayer Dark Tranquillity
John Oliva's Pain Mercenary
Ligeia Lost Soul
Crionics Korpiklaani
Yyrkoon Angtoria
Mystic Prophecy Stormwarrior
Kaamos Derek Sherinian
Omegalord Throes of Dawn
Nightrage Raging Speedhorn
Python Maximum Overdrive
Sentenced Unchained
Warchild Redemption
V:28 Evergrey
Violent Storm Casus Belli
Ewigkeit Crystal Ball
Cryogen God Forbid
Detonation Nocturnal Rites
End of Level Boss Daylight Dies
Steep Cryptopsy
Degree Absolute The Smashup
Imagika Hate Profile
Black Crucifixion Before Silence
Cult of Luna Smohalla
Space Odyssey Dendura
War Within Skid Row
Fleshgore Hurt
Setherial The Finals
Battle Bratt Biolich
Venom Lesbian Bed Death
Obtest E-lane
Gaza Terry Sullivan
Tears Ulcerate
Randy Ellefson Echoes of Eternity
Hell N' Diesel Distorted
Shining Star Ride The Sky
Ost Est Ima Manilla Road
The Lamp of Thoth Bible Of The Devil
Raven Suffocation