Staff Top Three Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Love Songs!
2/10/2017 4:36:37 PM by Frank Hill

Rarely is love the subject matter of heavy metal where death and destruction play primary roles.

The simple answer may be that the qualities we tend to see with love are incongruent with the way we picture the heavy metal environment and themes. Love is connective and nourishing. Rock music can be aggressive and rebellious. Heavy metal is often about struggles of power. Musically, love songs are sweet and melodious where metal is based upon amplification and distortion. Love will embrace, but doesn't celebrate, evil.

February 14 is Valentine's Day so we each chose our favorite three songs that relate to L-O-V-E. [Full Column Link]

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Leng Tch'e Loudness
Nightwish Grave
Solemnity Twelfth Gate
Godsmack Nazareth
Usurper Vaginal Carnage
Widowmaker Valley's Eve
Vyndykator Black Sabbath
Inner Rage of Emotion Fireball Ministry
Thunderbolt Morbid Angel
Nordheim Mnemic
Windseeker Thunderstone
Dreamaker Soil
Death Angel Cryonic Temple
Jaw Graveland
Nova Lex Joe Stump
Dimmu Borgir Feinstein
Aina Megadeth
Chris Caffery Incantation
Made of Iron John Oliva's Pain
Paradise Lost The Mighty Nimbus
Crionics Soilwork
Dirt Korpiklaani
Quiet Riot Carina Alfie
Chuck Schuldiner the missing:
Antares Stormwarrior
Novembers Doom Axel Rudi Pell
Sinisthra Ivory Knight
Astarte Maximum Overdrive
Communic Darkane
Slough Feg Unshine
Supagroup Power Quest
Cannon Holy Blood
Monster Magnet Overloaded
Bolt Thrower Ignarus
Barcode Algol3
Running Wild Savage Circus
Ghost Machinery Balatonizer
Mistress Asrai
Celebratum The Tenth Circle
Dogs Of Winter Khold
Virgin Steele Absolution
Southern Black Sand Beyond Fear
Wolves in the Throne Room Hell-Born
Tris Katone Cryptopsy
Manngard Ampast
Bal-Sagoth Dreams of Damnation
The Furor Bloodbound
Time Requiem Warface
Agalloch Fleshgore
Woodtemple Isis
Mastodon Twinball
Lordi Escape The Fate
Extium Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Lost Eden Battered
Mindgrinder Textures
Katrina Johansson Kruger
Nation Beyond Fight
Faith And Fire Architect
Cauldron Hell N' Diesel
Heresi Demonic Symphony
Witchfinder General Embalming Theatre
The Lamp of Thoth Medieval Steel
Ihsahn Something Beautiful
Sotajumala Raven