New Interview with Blitzkrieg!
2/17/2017 2:44:12 PM by Frank Hill

Who can doubt Blitzkrieg's influences on the early days of heavy metal, notably the stylistic movement that showcased the next phase of Birmingham's pounding metal--the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

Blitzkrieg formed in Leicester, UK in 1980 and soon released three demos. The single "Buried Alive" was released in 1981 and the B-side track, "Blitzkrieg", is arguably the band's most well-known song. The track was covered by Bay Area icons Metallica on their "Creeping Death" single and later included on Garage Inc. as well as the re-release of Kill 'Em All. The band have released eight studio albums and recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of their pivotal full-length debut 'A Time of Changes'. Earlier this month the band announced a new record deal with Denmark powerhouse label Mighty Music.

Eric Compton talked with guitarist Ken Johnson about the new label deal, the band's recording plans for 2017 and if NWOBHM ever really went away...[Full Interview Link]

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