On the Horizon: 5 Bands to Watch in 2017!
2/24/2017 7:18:02 PM by Frank Hill

Heavy metal and hard rock isn't an unexplored phenomenon. Its musical landscape is in its fifth decade, leading many to wonder just how many stones are truly left unturned. The two genres have been expanded into countless hybrids, offshoots and sub-genres that leave even experienced fans like myself a bit overwhelmed. Now, with so many streaming avenues it's hard to even find a playlist or album to turn on without going down the rabbit hole of endless visuals and recommendations. I've narrowed down five bands to watch. The criteria? They have to be new bands with no more than two official full-length album releases. I am straying from extreme music because its future doesn't excite me that much. This list features youthful, energetic bands that play a form of hard music that's electrifying and speaks to me in some way.

See the bands here: [Full Column Link]

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Bathory Cathedral
Racer X Nightwish
Slipknot Steel Prophet
Vehemence Grave
Big Dumb Face Rebellion
Cradle of Filth Celestial Ode
Mark Boals Sickspeed
Angel Dust Abigor
God Dethroned Alchemy X
H.I.M. Brainstorm
Goat Horn Exawatt
Endless Time Agony Divine
Chainsnap Victory
Stryper Guardians Of Time
Duke Savatage
Vhaldemar Silent Scythe
Drillpoint Asperity
Out of the Lair Tesla
F5 Three Inches of Blood
Force Of Evil Gothic Knights
Celesty Exodus
David Shankle Group Marillion
Iron Angel Joe Stump
Joey Belladonna Imp
Beaten Back To Pure Potential Threat SF
Eternal Flight Jungle Rot
Six Feet Under Within Temptation
The Lizards Negative Creeps
Seventh One Tsjuder
Sonata Arctica Mercenary
Fifth Cross Feared Creation
Legion Crowbar
Scenteria Emerald Sun
Gods Of Fire Rottweiller
Requiem Aeternam Loudblast
Maze Of Torment Soilwork
Seige of Hate Hellfire
Icarus Witch Mystic Prophecy
Backyard Babies Wolverine
Diecast Antares
Kaamos Freedom Call
Soul SirkUS Chastain
System Of A Down Gizmachi
Sinisthra Babylon
Disbelief Blind Stare
Manntis Graveworm
Slough Feg Unchained
Circus Maximus Dynamic Lights
Nuse Power Quest
Nightvision Fates Warning
Wetwork Holy Blood
Clutch Agents Of The Sun
A Lower Deep Flotsam & Jetsam
Warchild Dragonia
Before The Dawn Casus Belli
Barcode Vinterriket
Arthemis Paths Of Possession
Balatonizer Overmars
Khold Virgin Steele
Absu Machina
Grimfist Mental Care Foundation
Sepultura 286
Wolves in the Throne Room Thyrane
Firehouse Event Horizon
Phoenix Mourning Cavalar
Speed/Kill/Hate 8th Sin
Dreams of Damnation Apiary
Fragments of Unbecoming Space Odyssey
Sahg Vicious Rumors
Burialmound Setherial
The Finals Mastodon
Teeth of the Hydra Lupara
E-lane Middian
Urkraft Omnium Gatherum
In This Moment Manticore
Incrave Cattle Decapitation
Almah Mithras
Divine Empire Rob Zombie
Transmission 0 David Galas
Faith And Fire Echoes of Eternity
Hell N' Diesel Diamond Dogs
Glenn Hughes Mortiis
Straight Line Stitch Vulture Industries
Bullet For My Valentine Eighteen Wheels Burning