On the Horizon: 5 Bands to Watch in 2017!
2/24/2017 7:18:02 PM by Frank Hill

Heavy metal and hard rock isn't an unexplored phenomenon. Its musical landscape is in its fifth decade, leading many to wonder just how many stones are truly left unturned. The two genres have been expanded into countless hybrids, offshoots and sub-genres that leave even experienced fans like myself a bit overwhelmed. Now, with so many streaming avenues it's hard to even find a playlist or album to turn on without going down the rabbit hole of endless visuals and recommendations. I've narrowed down five bands to watch. The criteria? They have to be new bands with no more than two official full-length album releases. I am straying from extreme music because its future doesn't excite me that much. This list features youthful, energetic bands that play a form of hard music that's electrifying and speaks to me in some way.

See the bands here: [Full Column Link]

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Cave In Demons and Wizards
LA Guns The Great Deceiver
Carpathian Forest Misery Index
Mondo Generator Solemnity
Grave Digger Neck
Stratovarius Twisted Tower Dire
Commit Suicide Celestial Ode
Queensryche Seether
Vaginal Carnage Advent
Fozzy Lamb of God
Late Nite Romeo Led Zeppelin
Brainstorm Evolution
Exawatt Saint
Paragon Inner Rage of Emotion
Biomechanical Mourning Beloveth
Wicked Sensation Deivos
F5 Soil
Node Shiva
I Hate Sally Riot
Ebony Ark Epica
Hatework House of Lords
De Lirium's Order Feinstein
Devil In The Kitchen Metal Church
Psychotron Nashville Pussy
Division Age Of Silence
Marshall Law Within Temptation
The Last Act Negative Creeps
Agnostic Front Mirror of Deception
Feared Creation Helgrind
Lost Soul Veni Domine
Loudblast Vicious Circle
Suidakra Darkthrone
Antares Severe Torture
Derek Sherinian Pure Inc
Frantic Bleep Holy Moses
System Of A Down Grand Magus
Pro-Pain Ivory Knight
Groundcrew Embraze
Amorphis Slough Feg
Power Quest Thor
Fates Warning Impaled Nazarene
Havochate Iron Maidens
Peccatum Pagan's Mind
Eternal Reign Monster Magnet
Armored Saint Penetrator
The Firstborn Arthemis
Dechrist Celebratum
Dragonlord Gorefest
Vader Sodom
Powerglove Cardinale
Lair Of The Minotaur Hell-Born
Steep Firehouse
Phoenix Mourning Elvenking
Athanator Nicodemus
Bludgeon Hate Profile
Non-Human Level Ensoph
Royal Hunt Cult of Luna
Suzukiton Unsilent Phenomenon
Space Odyssey Swashbuckle
Sahg Skid Row
Warface Agalloch
Vicious Rumors Pump
Rotting Christ Biolich
Obtest Sathanas
Demise Middian
Hardcore Superstar Southern Gentleman
Threat Signal Warbringer
Manticore Crescent Shield
Grenouer Blood of the Black Owl
Marc Sasso Cattle Decapitation
Mithras Manes
Kruger Randy Ellefson
Sworn Enemy Hellveto
Keldian Dantesco
Orthodox Demonic Symphony
Uriah Heep The More I See
Deadsea Son of Eric
Cursed Coffins