The Rise of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal"
3/20/2017 3:50:30 PM by Frank Hill

Kids are sporting back patches, shirts and stickers of bands that reached prominence over thirty years ago--nearly two lifetimes in comparison. We are witnessing droves of young metal fans donning the classic emblems of Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon and Venom, yet delving even deeper for the tattered reminders that underground NWOBHM was just as important. Angel Witch, Wildfire, Touched, Quartz, Steelwing, Enforcer, Jaguar and that ilk are on proud display worldwide.

Wait...Steelwing? Enforcer? Those are NEW bands.

Garbed in the clothing of 1978, young bands are fighting for their denim and leather cause. It's occurring in Sweden, Canada, Germany and the US as more and more new bands espouse the belief that NWOBHM is worthy of imitation, the flattered attempt to burke modern sensibility for more vintage virtues.

It's the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

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Mudvayne Opeth
White Skull Dokken
Exmortem Grave Digger
Gun Barrel Circle II Circle
Seether Mark Boals
Rawhead Rexx Fozzy
Mortician Wizard
Powergod Power of Omens
Johnny Lokke Circle of Nero
Saint Godiva
The Graveyard Boulevard Curriculum Mortis
Steel Preacher Assrockers
Sludge! Attacker
Doro Hard Echo
Soil Scala Mercalli
Evanescence Bang The Union
Freakhouse Nova Lex
Iron Angel Dragonspoon
Hatework Feinstein
Devil In The Kitchen Fireaxe
Chapter VIII Dream Evil
Imp Tearabyte
Nashville Pussy Scavenger
Arch Enemy The Lizards
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Hanzel Und Gretyl
Rush Napalm Death
Of Infinity Rottweiller
Corrosion Of Conformity Loudblast
Seige of Hate Yyrkoon
Hellfire Apocalyptica
Chuck Schuldiner Backyard Babies
Wolverine Argument Soul
Boomerang Derek Sherinian
Pure Inc Omegalord
Drunkard Soul SirkUS
Fire Alley Kryoburn
Strapping Young Lad Burden Of Grief
Slumber Blind Stare
Rudra Mirador
Graveworm God Among Insects
Unchained Kult ov Azazel
Slik Helvetika Sebastian Bach
Power Quest Cannon
Sheavy Holy Blood
Morgana Lefay Blitzkrieg
ASG Bolt Thrower
Forever Slave Mabon
Ewigkeit Damnation
Ram-Zet Urizen
Dragonlord Sinocence
Absu Decapitated
Vader Brother Hawk
Ephel Duath The Berzerker
Firehouse Cryptopsy
Event Horizon Ampast
The Strongest Proof Upon Infliction
Jotunspor Vengeance
Bloodbound Swashbuckle
Mouth of the Architect The Ruins of Beverast
Death Breath Abominant
Belphegor The Finals
Semargl Mastodon
Venom Extium
Starkweather Better Left Unsaid
Kotipelto Steve Cone
Twisted Into Form Blood Tsunami
Merciless Death Dezperadoz
Nagelfar Five Finger Death Punch
Gotthard Nominon
Transmission 0 Retrospective
Wuthering Heights The Wonderfools
Sworn Enemy Mongrel
Dantesco Orthodox
Gutted With Broken Glass Pop Evil
Blood Haven Burzum
Armory Moonshine
Hacksaw Surgery Bullet For My Valentine
Mar De Grises Wolfgate
Eighteen Wheels Burning Battleroar
Crown The Lost