The Rise of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal"
3/20/2017 3:50:30 PM by Frank Hill

Kids are sporting back patches, shirts and stickers of bands that reached prominence over thirty years ago--nearly two lifetimes in comparison. We are witnessing droves of young metal fans donning the classic emblems of Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon and Venom, yet delving even deeper for the tattered reminders that underground NWOBHM was just as important. Angel Witch, Wildfire, Touched, Quartz, Steelwing, Enforcer, Jaguar and that ilk are on proud display worldwide.

Wait...Steelwing? Enforcer? Those are NEW bands.

Garbed in the clothing of 1978, young bands are fighting for their denim and leather cause. It's occurring in Sweden, Canada, Germany and the US as more and more new bands espouse the belief that NWOBHM is worthy of imitation, the flattered attempt to burke modern sensibility for more vintage virtues.

It's the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

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HammerFall In Flames
Lost Horizon Mudvayne
Chaingunn Exmortem
Deceased Impellitteri
Norma Jean Commit Suicide
Queensryche Circle II Circle
Seether Usurper
Vaginal Carnage Rawhead Rexx
Firewind Angel Dust
Power of Omens Johnny Lokke
Brainstorm Nicta
Supervillain Shakra
Iced Earth Fireball Ministry
Artension Curriculum Mortis
Rob Rock Sinergy
Tad Morose Pharaoh
Lacuna Coil Defiled
Doro Dew Scented
Killik Cryonic Temple
Celesty Scala Mercalli
Bang The Union Messiah's Kiss
Madison Paige W.A.S.P.
Wolf U.D.O.
Iron Angel Black Zodiac
Cyst Spiral Madness
Devil In The Kitchen Mob Rules
Killswitch Engage Metal Church
Shadows Fall Medusa
Nashville Pussy Megadeth
Polterchrist Valume Nob
Six Feet Under Ironhorse
Overlorde Agnostic Front
Anger Seventh One
Cryme Rush
Tristania Sonata Arctica
John Oliva's Pain Cradle To Grave
Image Ligeia
Quiet Riot Kaamos
Novembers Doom Omegalord
Axis Of Perdition Lord Gore
Axel Rudi Pell Debris Inc.
Kryoburn Swallow The Sun
Gizmachi Impiety
Nightrage Hatesphere
Ivory Knight Graveworm
Naglfar Unchained
Circus Maximus Evemaster
Prowler Inc. Gaia
Thor Devil Lee Rot
Impaled Nazarene Havochate
Morgana Lefay Painmuseum
Redemption The Atomic Bitchwax
Orphaned Land Russell Allen
Penetrator Ignarus
Forever Slave Third Degree
Vinterriket Thrones
Even X Skullshifter
Sinocence Zero Down
Dogs Of Winter Gorefest
Vanquished End of Level Boss
Grimfist Nobody's Fool
Craft Fallen Wisdom
Second Shadow Across Tundras
Powerglove Scum
Clawfinger Silver Dirt
Vreid Speed/Kill/Hate
Bludgeon Abysmal Dawn
Before Silence Vengeance
Destruction From the Grave
Semargl Rotting Christ
Teeth of the Hydra Escape The Fate
Deicide Gaza
Handful of Hate Phazm
Warmachine Nagelfar
Almah Hacride
Since the Day Aborted
The Wonderfools Himsa
Temple Of Blood Ensiferum
Dantesco Averse Sefira
Orthodox Bilocate
Rosetta SOS
Intolerant Bullet For My Valentine
Deadsea Kiuas
Something Beautiful Suffocation