Staff Round Table: Buy, Borrow, Bust --Overkill, Halestorm, Saille and More!
4/28/2017 1:29:31 PM by Frank Hill

Tons of new releases have crossed our desk this year and in the spirit of a good ol' sit down, digital round table, we grabbed a handful of various albums from various styles and put in our opinion of each. Where we try to cull our biases out of regular reviews, in here personal feelings are apt to raise their gnarly heads. Instead of our normal scoring system, we simplified it down to the 3-choice options of: "Buy, Borrow, or Bust" --Buy: I'd put down some cash for it, Borrow: I'd stream it or snag a copy from a friend, Bust: I'd physically crush this into little pieces with a heavy vehicle.

In our DIY age with thousands of releases each year, getting noticed is half the battle. So, let's spin the wheel on Black Oak County, Halestorm, Overkill, Our Place of Worship is Silence, and Saille; and see where it lands...

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The Kovenant Mudvayne
Cradle of Filth Warhorse
Lamb of God Wizard
God Dethroned Power of Omens
Pelican Brainstorm
Circle of Nero Nicta
SelfInflicted Steel Preacher
Assrockers Duke
Mnemic Whitesnake
Edguy Slayer
Probot Brides of Destruction
Soul Reaper Tesla
Fear Factory Cryonic Temple
Outworld Amityville Whore
House of Lords Juggernott
Skeletonwitch Shadows Fall
Dark Age Unearth
Otep Megadeth
Age Of Silence Chris Caffery
Slowlife Incantation
Haunted By Angels The Last Act
Ironhorse Agnostic Front
Anger Mercenary
Of Infinity Paradise Lost
Image The Apocalyptic Riders
Impaled Loudblast
Labyrinth Heartcry
Carbomb Darkthrone
Oathean Alex Skolnick Trio
Thunderblast Ignitor
Def Leppard Biss
Vicious Art Communic
Slough Feg Circus Maximus
Dynamic Lights Nightvision
Resurrecturis Edenbridge
The Scourger Lake Of Tears
Peccatum Dragonia
Russell Allen Blood Thirsty Demons
Ignarus Barcode
Balatonizer Akercocke
Gojira Overmars
Early Man Grimfist
Craft End My Sorrow
Codeon Nikki Puppet
Cryptopsy Degree Absolute
Event Horizon Silver Dirt
Elvenking Cavalar
The Furor Abysmal Dawn
Apiary Royal Hunt
Space Odyssey Dendura
Amon Amarth Scary Manilow
Time Requiem Woodtemple
Death Breath The Finals
Cult of Daath Obtest
Centinex Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Threat Signal Manticore
Mendeed Denial Fiend
Retrospective Ulcerate
Throneum Faith And Fire
Randy Ellefson Destynation
Night Ranger Glenn Hughes
Ride The Sky Intolerant
Uriah Heep Place Of Skulls
Something Beautiful