Just What is Metal Condonation?
5/19/2017 4:04:26 PM by Frank Hill

When you overlook what you had felt was a past transgression, you're in the territory of condonation

Metallica...Motley Crue...KISS, Machine Head, In Flames, Iron Maiden and less notables like Kreator, Grave Digger, Destruction and Helloween...the list could go on and on but you get the idea--we hated them, despised their existence, removed the stickers, posters and flags and a few years later re-declared our love for them by buying show tickets, a shirt, a "comeback" album and general swank.

We condoned the behavior and committed official Metal Condonation.

Read Eric Compton's column here: [Full Column Link]

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Vicious Mary Big Dumb Face
Misery Index Tiamat
Exmortem Deranged
Skullview Celestial Ode
Overkill Nazareth
Mark Boals Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Liege Lord Legend
God Dethroned Dr. Butcher
Alchemy X Vyndykator
Johnny Lokke Goat Horn
Saint Godiva
Bloodbath Morbid Angel
Stalker Pharaoh
Probot Project: Failing Flesh
Out of the Lair Neverland
Construcdead Bang The Union
W.A.S.P. Wolf
Donnerkopf Ministry
Krokus Bonfire
Images of Eden Theocracy
I.C.E. Valume Nob
Marshall Law House of Shakira
Witchburner The Project Hate
Acheron Rush
Twisted Sister Creed
Fifth Cross Gods Of Fire
Divine Fire Kings X
Corrosion Of Conformity Labyrinth
Sabaton Angtoria
Apocalyptica Chuck Schuldiner
Argument Soul Axis Of Perdition
Drunkard Lord Gore
Ramesses Embraze
Defleshed Vicious Art
Darkane Testament
Dark Funeral Goddess Of Desire
Alice Cooper Wetwork
Holy Blood Clutch
Agents Of The Sun A Lower Deep
Arthemis Balatonizer
Crystal Ball Dreamland
The Classic Struggle The Tenth Circle
Grimfist Craft
Second Shadow Katatonia
Cannibal Corpse Nikki Puppet
Beyond Fear Upwards of Endtime
Dissection Event Horizon
Viron Nicodemus
TK-421 Non-Human Level
Dawn of Azazel Space Odyssey
Hydrogyn Warface
Skyforger Isis
Phazm Skullflower
Warmachine Stonegard
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Static-X
Crescent Shield Incrave
White Willow Divine Empire
Gotthard Katrina Johansson
Glorior Belli Pathosray
Gutted With Broken Glass Demonic Symphony
Sin Papa Roach
My Dying Bride