Staff Round Table: Iced Earth's 'Incorruptible'--Our track-by-track analysis of the new IE release!
6/23/2017 11:42:12 AM by Frank Hill

The band’s 12th album, ‘Incorruptible’, arrives via longtime label Century Media in June 2017. The production duties were overseen by Schaffer himself along with a majority of the song lyrics and arrangements. The mix was handled by the famed Zeuss (Christopher Harris), known for his work with Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, and Queensryche with artwork and layout by David Newman-Stump and Roy Young. ‘Incorruptible’ is also the first album to feature new guitarist Jake Dreyer (Witherfall).

In what has become tradition for big releases, is big discussions by the Maximum Metal staff. Check out their track by track analysis (rating of 1-5) with their thoughts on this new Iced Earth release here: [Full Column Link]

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