New Interview with A Sound of Thunder--Metal and Comics Split Feature!
7/21/2017 11:32:34 AM by Frank Hill

Formed in 2008, A Sound of Thunder have been pulverizing the DC area/East coast of the USA with their blend of classic heavy metal, progressive, and rock music. At an unrelenting pace, they have been releasing high-quality heavy metal almost every year by utilizing self-funding and successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are also highly engaged with social sites and fond of nerd media like comics, books, and movies.

Maximum Metal talked with guitarist Josh Schwartz about the band's latest releases, touring, comics, comicons, the return of Udoroth and the Queen of Hell and more! It's our first dual interview of metal and comics here... [Full Interview Link]

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In Flames The Kovenant
Steel Prophet BloodDuster
Circle II Circle Seether
Ring of Fire Vaginal Carnage
Angel Dust Vyndykator
Ion Vein Shakra
Bloodbath Morbid Angel
Runemagick Sinergy
Pink Cream 69 Pharaoh
Edguy Defiled
Probot Soil
Shiva Black Stone Cherry
UFO Velvet Revolver
Dragonspoon Hatework
Estuary Fabrizio Bonanno
Devil In The Kitchen Unleashed
After Forever Killswitch Engage
Psychotron Aina
Scavenger Valume Nob
Incantation Mirror of Deception
Tristania John Oliva's Pain
Milkweed Divine Fire
Blood Red Throne Carina Alfie
Cemetary Marduk
Oathean Derek Sherinian
Soul SirkUS Chastain
Gizmachi Grand Magus
Nightrage Embraze
Raging Speedhorn Dynamic Lights
Horna Dam
The Scourger To The Bone
Future is Tomorrow Mercyful Fate
Eternal Reign Armored Saint
Third Degree Phantom X
Dreamland Gojira
Ram-Zet Avulsed
Skullshifter Celebratum
God Forbid Vanquished
Hate Intronaut
Leviathan/Sapthuran The Smackdown
Nicodemus TK-421
Sun Descends Ensoph
Black Crucifixion Fragments of Unbecoming
Suzukiton Nachtmystium
Amon Amarth Warface
Agalloch Vicious Rumors
I Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
Pretty Maids Anata
Thy Majestie Satyricon
Lupara E-lane
The Showdown Darkness Eternal
Urkraft Hardcore Superstar
Manticore The Chronicles of Israfel
Marc Sasso Cattle Decapitation
Wuthering Heights Malevolent Creation
Nation Beyond Keldian
Spheric Universe Experience Distorted
Cockpit Vulture Industries
Embalming Theatre Equilibrium
Trinacria Intolerant
Celestia Winterfylleth
Sotajumala Suffocation