Metal Marquee: The Debut of Our Newest Column with British Artist--Nhor!
8/11/2017 7:15:14 PM by Frank Hill

In the ever-changing soundscape that is heavy metal, we as metal fans find band upon band that is relatively unknown or even obscure. With a genre that is saturated with so many bands, it's hard to listen to all of them or to find bands that break the mold and really stand out. Yet, there are bands out there that are real diamonds in the rough, bands that resonate with us on a very deep level and that really push the envelope as far as creativity and ingenuity is concerned.

In this new column, Metal Marquee, we will examine bands and artists that fit this example and just give a little synopsis of the band/artist's history and how they have made their mark on the heavy metal world. Read our first issue look at Nhor here... [Full Column Link]

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The Kovenant Loudness
Grave Digger Deceased
Twelfth Gate Goatwhore
December Lamb of God
Dark Moor Masterplan
Firewind Valley's Eve
October 31 Johnny Lokke
Pyn Siren H.I.M.
Circle of Nero Endless Time
Agony Divine Nicta
Kilfast Rage
King Diamond Assrockers
Beautiful Creatures Axenstar
Stalker Hypocrisy
Defiled Secret Sphere
Doro Fairyland
Shiva Drowning Pool
Superchrist Gothic Knights
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Bang The Union
Skyfire Gamma Ray
U.D.O. Ministry
Zaius Cyst
Joe Stump Estuary
Dimmu Borgir Juggernott
Therion Fireaxe
Meliah Rage After Forever
Killswitch Engage Saxon
Final Dawn Dark Age
Polterchrist Internal Bleeding
Dark Ruin Mine
Conquestador Arch Enemy
The Lizards Negative Creeps
Blind Guardian Made of Iron
Mercenary Feared Creation
Milkweed Crowbar
Helgrind Miles Beyond
Hellfueled Requiem Aeternam
Soilwork Tarot
Backyard Babies John Sykes
Fire Alley Raintime
Ivory Knight Mirador
Unchained Unshine
Evemaster Nightvision
Devil Lee Rot Love Forsaken
Morgana Lefay Scar Symmetry
A Lower Deep Eternal Reign
Monster Magnet Crystal Fate
Casus Belli Third Degree
Algol3 Running Wild
Savage Circus Gojira
Torture Killer Virgin Steele
Nocturnal Rites Beecher
Brother Hawk Sepultura
Across Tundras Blackmore's Night
286 Wolves in the Throne Room
The Smashup Pyramaze
Bal-Sagoth Elvenking
Dream Or Nightmare Hate Profile
Before Silence Jotunspor
Space Odyssey Psycroptic
Skid Row Warface
Shadows Within Skyforger
Hurt Zero Hour
Belphegor Thy Majestie
Teeth of the Hydra Twinball
Middian Better Left Unsaid
Gaza In This Moment
The Chronicles of Israfel Nagelfar
Passion Pantera
The Prophecy Gotthard
Hacride Throneum
Mongrel Distorted
Mass Extinction Pathology
Orthodox Ride The Sky
Cockpit Rosetta
Mortiis Last Stone Cast
Vulture Industries Puscifer
Virgin Black The More I See
Iron Fire Son of Eric
Cursed Coffins
Something Beautiful DC4
Giant Squid Sister Sin