New "Made in Sweden" Column--Merciless and Carnage!
8/25/2017 8:15:06 PM by Frank Hill

Continuing our ongoing look at the Swedish extreme music scene of the late 80s/early 90s.

The record is a monumental achievement for extreme metal in Sweden. While it doesn't contain the traditional down-tuned sound that would define the country's death metal scene, its aggression and dark nature is certainly a catalyst for more extreme bands. It pushed the envelope from vocals to speed.

We touched on the first Dismember demos and their pivotal 1991 debut 'Like an Everflowing Stream'. It's only fitting that we analyze a band that had very close ties with Dismember, so much that they shared ideas, songs and band members--Carnage.

Read two newcolumns of Eric Compton's look at the early Swedish Death Metal scene here...[Full Column Link]

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