New Interview with Solo Artist Nhor!
9/14/2017 4:08:03 PM by Frank Hill

With heavy metal music, one of the things that I think is amazing is the variety of music that we as metalheads get to listen to is dynamic and wide ranging. Getting the chance to speak to the creative force behind some of this music is pretty incredible and allows us a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process that goes into making the music and how it becomes the end product that we receive when the album is finally released. I recently spoke with solo artist Nhor about 'Wildflowers: Spring', an incredibly beautiful release. Come along on the journey of where his ideas spring from, what inspires him and get a glimpse behind the curtains of Nhor.

Read Greg Watson's interview with Nhor here: [Full Interview Link]

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HammerFall Leng Tch'e
Loudness Deranged
Twisted Tower Dire Commit Suicide
Usurper Mortician
Liege Lord Ravage
Firewind Valley's Eve
Alchemy X Pyn Siren
Ion Vein Dragonforce
Thunderbolt Rob Rock
Sludge! Sinergy
Vhaldemar Stalker
Hypocrisy Slayer
Asperity Deivos
Doro Royal Anguish
Silver Mountain Jaw
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Cans
Deep Purple Graveland
Icon And The Black Roses Marillion
Feinstein Fireaxe
After Forever Shadows Fall
Annihilator Chris Caffery
Neurosis Negative Creeps
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Hanzel Und Gretyl
Fifth Cross Feared Creation
Kinetic Scenteria
Gods Of Fire Helgrind
Audiovision Blood Red Throne
Maze Of Torment Korpiklaani
Seige of Hate Sabaton
Vicious Circle Carbomb
Desire Black Nevermore
Chaoswave Oathean
Pure Inc Bleed The Sky
Lord Gore Fastkill
Mirador Maximum Overdrive
Dam Fates Warning
Devil Lee Rot Widow
A Lower Deep Mercyful Fate
The Atomic Bitchwax Dragonia
Running Wild Crystal Ball
The Tenth Circle Dismember
Hate Enforsaken
Nobody's Fool Totalisti
Blackmore's Night Upwards of Endtime
Thyrane Daylight Dies
Hell-Born Phoenix Mourning
Nicodemus Abysmal Dawn
Ensoph Upon Infliction
Zero Hour Mastodon
Venom Lecherous Nocturne
Handful of Hate Fu Manchu
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Old Man's Child
Zyklon Antigama
Lipstick Magazine Malevolent Creation
Kruger JR Ewing
Sworn Enemy Hellveto
Temple Of Blood Keldian
Distorted Cockpit
Mortiis Kiuas
End of Man Eighteen Wheels Burning
My Dying Bride DC4
Dark Castle Earthen Grave