New Interview with Solo Artist Nhor!
9/14/2017 4:08:03 PM by Frank Hill

With heavy metal music, one of the things that I think is amazing is the variety of music that we as metalheads get to listen to is dynamic and wide ranging. Getting the chance to speak to the creative force behind some of this music is pretty incredible and allows us a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process that goes into making the music and how it becomes the end product that we receive when the album is finally released. I recently spoke with solo artist Nhor about 'Wildflowers: Spring', an incredibly beautiful release. Come along on the journey of where his ideas spring from, what inspires him and get a glimpse behind the curtains of Nhor.

Read Greg Watson's interview with Nhor here: [Full Interview Link]

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Children Of Bodom Rebellion
Liege Lord Widowmaker
Masterplan Late Nite Romeo
Vyndykator Pelican
Nicta Catch 22
Dragonforce Wycked Synn
Runemagick Evanesce
Assrockers Nordheim
Eidolon Whitesnake
Hard Echo F5
Death Angel Edge Of Forever
Ministry Black Zodiac
Cyst Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Destructor Mob Rules
Bonfire Dio
Unearth Division
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Jungle Rot Slowlife
Throcult The Lizards
Negative Creeps Blind Guardian
Twisted Sister Tristania
Creed Sonata Arctica
Corrosion Of Conformity Hellfueled
Impaled Korpiklaani
Soulscar Antares
Stormwarrior Marduk
Alex Skolnick Trio Pure Inc
Callenish Circle Raintime
Babylon Nightrage
Mirador Slough Feg
Supagroup The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Power Quest Devil Lee Rot
Future is Tomorrow Pagan's Mind
Dirty Americans Winterfell
Mabon Even X
Spellbound Cryogen
Overmars Urizen
Sodom End My Sorrow
Katatonia Thyrane
Event Horizon Silver Dirt
Down Factor Dream Or Nightmare
Bludgeon Dreams of Damnation
Dawn of Azazel Destruction
Nachtmystium Time Requiem
Ynis Vitrin Fleshgore
Woodtemple Hurt
Pump Anata
Oblomov Semargl
Satyricon Eyes of Ligeia
Better Left Unsaid Centinex
Blood Tsunami Lost Eden
Battered Dream Theater
Mindgrinder Zyklon
Mendeed Trouble
Five Finger Death Punch Mithras
Hearse Keep of Kalessin
Cauldron Distorted
Orthodox Ride The Sky
Demonic Symphony SOS
Armory Equilibrium
The Lamp of Thoth Celestia
Earthen Grave