Staff Year End Awards for 2017!
12/31/2017 by Frank Hill

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2017! Even if you really don't give a shit what any of our opinions are, there are so many releases put out in this age of do-it-yourself creation that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and sample.

It's all about getting the word out and supporting the music!

See what all the staff chose for the Year End here…[Full Column Link]

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· Racer X· Twilight Odyssey
· Karaboudjan· Misery Index
· Tiamat· Twisted Tower Dire
· Symphorce· Warhorse
· Queensryche· Steel Attack
· Mortician· Dark Moor
· Manowar· Abigor
· Vyndykator· The Chainsaw
· Artension· Curriculum Mortis
· Rage· Victory
· Malstrom· Beautiful Creatures
· Tad Morose· Volbeat
· Yngwie Malmsteen· Killik
· Deep Purple· Outworld
· Brutal Mastication· Dimmu Borgir
· Therion· Bonfire
· Meliah Rage· Dream Evil
· Saxon· Shadows Fall
· Megadeth· Jungle Rot
· Silent Force· The Last Act
· Napalm Death· Of Infinity
· Scenteria· Ligeia
· Divine Fire· Soulscar
· Icarus Witch· Apocalyptica
· Chuck Schuldiner· Samael
· Argument Soul· God Fear None
· Bruce Dickinson· System Of A Down
· Disbelief· Blind Stare
· Rudra· Python
· Slough Feg· Kult ov Azazel
· Taake· Secrets She Kept
· Prowler Inc.· Ritual Killer
· Killing Spree· Thor
· Love Forsaken· Holy Blood
· Clutch· Blitzkrieg
· Warchild· Monster Magnet
· Phantom X· Thrones
· Vile· Avulsed
· Bronx Casket Company· Vanquished
· Sodom· Pile of Heads
· Upwards of Endtime· Tris Katone
· Degree Absolute· Theater of Tragedy
· Bloodbound· Smohalla
· Psycroptic· Time Requiem
· Warface· The Ruins of Beverast
· Battle Bratt· Wastefall
· Satyricon· Eyes of Ligeia
· Lupara· Darkness Eternal
· Centinex· Lost Eden
· Threat Signal· Manticore
· Madking Ludwig· Grenouer
· Mendeed· Satariel
· Blut Aus Nord· David Galas
· Nation Beyond· Depressed Mode
· Temple Of Blood· Cauldron
· Mongrel· Pathology
· Shining Star· Gutted With Broken Glass
· Father Befouled· Godhead
· Equilibrium· Celestia
· Cursed· Battleroar
· Mustasch· Giant Squid
· Earthen Grave