New Column: Social Media and the Metal Renaissance
1/19/2018 5:45:00 PM by Frank Hill

Is it just me or is hard music as a whole vastly improved? Are we experience a rock and metal renaissance, an invigorating explosion of artist expression done to near perfection when compared to earlier eras? I think we are.

To spin on the U.S. President's campaign slogan, bands are "making metal great again". It's not just the album sales though. We are seeing some of the best material from bands that, historically, have just been a little underwhelming at times. You are now seeing bands reunited, welcoming former members and generally fulfilling the dreams of their fan-base. And that's just the vets. The crop of talent from the 00s are delivering quality records and improving their skill-set while a new crop has emerged globally to lay siege to "the next big thing" title. Nearly every day I am being turned on to unknown bands and albums that are impressing the hell out of me.

It's a disease, and a cure isn't requested…[Full Column Link]

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