25 Years Later--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1993!
2/9/2018 5:45:00 PM by Frank Hill

Time escapes us.

1993 was a great year for metal and just a piece of that great decade. A year on the cusp of some great bands to come and new styles emerging. It contained solid offerings from metal mainstays, great debuts, and for some the pinnacle album of their careers.

1993 is now 25 years ago and we're bringing back this column as a retro look at what were the amazing releases that year for us.

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· In Flames· Racer X
· Vehemence· Big Dumb Face
· Immolation· Mondo Generator
· Goatwhore· Twisted Tower Dire
· Symphorce· Dirty Power
· Fozzy· Mortician
· Manowar· Carnal Forge
· Conquest· Tungsten
· Thunderbolt· The Graveyard Boulevard
· Runemagick· Kilfast
· Mourning Beloveth· Rage
· Steel Preacher· Lanfear
· Stryper· Silent Scythe
· Halloween· Secret Sphere
· Hard Echo· Tesla
· Cans· Wolf
· Nova Lex· Low Earth Orbit
· Acrid· After Forever
· Images of Eden· Aina
· Lullacry· I.C.E.
· GWAR· Throcult
· Haunted By Angels· Silent Force
· Acheron· Ironhorse
· Karmakanic· Azrael's Bane
· Legion· Of Infinity
· Milkweed· Miles Beyond
· Seige of Hate· Carbomb
· Carina Alfie· Darkthrone
· Alex Skolnick Trio· Pure Inc
· Thunderblast· Fastkill
· Nightrage· Disbelief
· Raging Speedhorn· Astarte
· Goddess Of Desire· Power Quest
· Fates Warning· Widow
· Havochate· Warchild
· Evergrey· Armored Saint
· Dirty Americans· Penetrator
· Overloaded· Twilight
· Algol3· Running Wild
· Spellbound· Urizen
· Mastermind· Celebratum
· Dragonlord· Gorefest
· Hate· Sodom
· End My Sorrow· Across Tundras
· Nikki Puppet· Fields Of The Nephilim
· Manngard· Candlemass
· Non-Human Level· Sun Descends
· Gorgoroth· Space Odyssey
· Swashbuckle· Sahg
· Skid Row· Shadows Within
· Skyforger· Zero Hour
· Abominant· Anata
· The Abominable Iron Sloth· Obtest
· Sathanas· Winger
· Demise· Quest of Aidance
· Urkraft· Throne of Katarsis
· Passion· Textures
· Nominon· Throneum
· Diamond Dogs· Frosthardr
· Heresi· Alkemyst
· Glenn Hughes· Gutted With Broken Glass
· Ost Est Ima· Last Stone Cast
· Burzum· Intolerant
· Medieval Steel· Mar De Grises
· My Dying Bride· Sotajumala